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for Roswell Conspiracies: Caught in the Crossfire

10/2/2012 c15 27Whiteling
Crud! Valra's still alive after all this time!

And too bad Ling went off the deep end, Babul must be severely disappointed.
10/2/2012 c12 Whiteling
Hmmm, weird - the Vodun must really be desperate for revenge if they're taking over banshee AND vampires to do the dirty deed.

Cuz if I recall banshee wouldn't be favorable hosts as their screams can grow high pitched easily.
10/2/2012 c1 Whiteling
Whoa, so the target the guy was after was an alien vampire?

I love Roswell conspiracies and it's kind of a let down to see enough fics about it
4/10/2011 c7 alex 988
good story!
10/30/2010 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
3/11/2010 c23 Anon
Hey there. Just wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying this story so far. There's absolutely no fanfic on this particular series from what I've seen, so it's great to stumble across this particular piece. Sometimes I wish you'd describe things in greater detail, but overall, the tone is smooth and crisp, and it meshes with the series' feel.

Keep it up! Hope you update soon!;)
8/21/2009 c19 Pico
A number of things I wanted to bring up:

1 - So Walter Logan is alive, but for some reason John doesn't like him, especially if he doesn't want Katya with him. Grade A pervert? From what I remember, his personality was like Nick's with a bit of bitterness due to Rinnaker.

2 - The Himalayas? Oh boy, you did well with the concept of Sirius on this one. Crazy twin brother, no doubt with a personality like Ruck's. And I think he'd actually despise the legacy of his grandfather (Athos) if he went so far as to rebel. You think this will tie in to that attempted attack on Orion by one of the newly arrived Lycanthropes in one of your previous chapters? Anyway, from what you've hinted, it looks like Sirius may have enlisted Valra's help in attacking the former slaves of the Lycanthropes, the Yeti. Oh boy, Ti-Yet is going to be furious.

3 - From what Malik was hinting, he thought Raine might have been turned into a Vampire/Banshee servitor for Valra, and he might have been amused if he imagined the reaction Sh'lainn would have had. This brings up another thought. If Sirius has supporters to his cause and he gets Valra's help, are we going to be expecting Banshee/Vampire hybrids to be employed by Valra. And by hybrids, I mean like the state Sh'lainn was put in after Valra drank blood from her.

4 - Thinking ahead, I think the attack on the Yeti would cause a political shift. If Li'Kara discovers that Valra is employing abberant amalgamations of Banshee and Vampire, that really would make her break from the alliance and form her own offensive. Second, Queen Mab might declare for all Banshee in the Alliance to withdraw, because of growing civil strife. Li'Kara would be trying to gather fellow rebels under her banner, and already public opposition would be spreading among the Banshee. Being a racial problem, Mab would withdraw her race from active involvement in the Alliance, declaring neutrality and warning Nick not to intervene. Maybe when the Himalaya conflict is done with, and when everyone gets back, just as Nick is debriefing the mission, Queen Mab and a retinue of Banshee arrive.

5 - Sensing the growing political problem, the Conduit would decide to pay the Alliance a visit as well, to discuss the worsening situation, as well as Mab's decision to declare neutral status.

What do you think? Please send your reply via e-mail.
8/20/2009 c19 Pico
This did the work of piquing my interest. I can't wait for part 2 :D
8/7/2009 c18 Pico
Funny. I was kind of expecting it be a four-way struggle on that number: Valra's loyalists, Malik's faction, Li'Kara's crusaders, and the Banshee and Vampires loyal to Mab and Raknor.

But I think that both Li'Kara and Malik would have been thinking of double-crossing the other when their respective goals were accomplished. I mean, in the series, it was often a three-way conflict (Alliance vs Banshee vs Vampires). And Valra having orchestrated a supposed betrayal, that was unexpected. A number of interpretations come.

1 - Valra's performing Banshee/Vampire experiments behind Li'Kara's and Malik's backs. As I said before, Li'Kara would strongly oppose her benefactor's actions, and thus really divide this unholy alliance.

2 - I'm still not sure of what Malik has to do with this, whether he's a supporter of Valra or a rebel to both groups of his people. I get the suspicion that Malik would spit out the fact that he would have turned on both Li'Kara and Valra once a certain point has been reached.

3 - To help for the next chapter, here are some ideas. The German Branch would still be requesting help from Nick in rebuilding the damage left by Li'Kara's group. You can introduce now a German character at this point (a representative from the branch).

4 - Two kidnapping scenarios could happen. If Malik had his intention to break his alliance with Valra and Li'Kara, he would probably have his own loyalists carry out his agendas. First, he would try to have Yarin kidnapped (as a means to 'negotiate' with Raknor and Nick). Second, he would launch attacks on any Banshee outposts and villages to fuel old hatreds and gather Vampire supporters. Third, he could gather aid from Oni business partners and Lycanthrope rebels (who may also attempt to abduct Orion and assassinate his brother, who I still think should be given the name Sirius).

5 - On the Banshee side, Li'Kara would try to do something similar. Failing with taking Myrna hostage, she could send a taskforce of her Banshee to kidnap Raine instead, in order to goad Sh'lainn into action. Furthermore, she could engage in kidnappings of humans from several European countries on such a scale that it would draw the attention of organizations like Interpol (in an attempt to reveal the secret of the Alliance and aliens in hiding). Lastly, she would secretly dispatch select servants to gather Banshee who wish to overthrow Mab, nurturing her resistance force.

6 - The Conduit definitely needs to get involved as the general situation worsens. The possibility of all-out war between alien races could drive them to cut into the political field.

7 - The Gabriel persona could possibly return if the Vodun decide to make a scene again. And what of the Shadoen and the Sioux? What are they up to now?

8 - Final question of the day, what the heck happened to Walter Logan? I know Nick managed to revive him from stasis, and Walter helped stop the second Shadoen invasion. So what had happened in the years that came after. Is he dead? Is he alive? If he's alive, where is he?

Hope you can provide the answers soon. Keep up the good work.
7/13/2009 c17 Pico
Holy cow, wait a minute.

Jensen Petrovitch? Any relation to

Dr. Marina Petrovitch and Katya Petrovitch?
7/10/2009 c17 Pico
It's been weeks, and I got to say, you did well on this.

As for the trial, I think it might be over before it's started. I think that just when Raine is about to defend Travis... all hell breaks loose.

Just when the Alliance is still recovering from Ling's attack, another force quickly launches a siege. That Germany

mission scenario is now dominant in my ideas. To start it off:

1 - An army of Banshee appear throughout different parts of the Alliance base and do battle with the personnel, even those Banshee among the number. Three or five of them appear in the lab and try to take out Nick and Raine first, while other groups try to attack Sh'lainn and John. It's easy to say that this fanatical force is none other than Li'Kara's separatist group, and it's about to start it's war by taking out the 'traitor' and her family.

2 - This incident is certainly going to put a big strain on the already tenuous peace between the Vampires and Banshee, not to mention put the Alliance in a tight spot. To make things worse, Li'Kara initiates assassinations on Banshee members in Germany as part of an attempt to force Queen Mab to recall all Banshee sent to work with the Alliance.

3 - This prompts a response, with Sh'lainn, John, Raine, Travis, and a handful of other Alliance operatives (that might include Orion and Jim if you want) to Germany to work with the German Branch and the Banshee led by Myrna in putting a stop to the renegade's actions. Side stories like Travis trying to deal with the alter ego near-takeover and Raine handling her feelings are welcome.

Hope it doesn't take you long to post another chapter, and I really hope that the Germany scenario may be taken :D
6/23/2009 c16 Pico
Well, I have no idea why the site doesn't show my email address here (or maybe it's something I don't know. I'm not part of ).

Anyway, my suggestion stemmed from looking through Name Generators, but Cassy probably has better ideas of names for a potential German character. Still, all the possible scenarios you can write are making me shake in waiting.

PS: Please finish the next chap soon, and I hope it turns out great :D
6/22/2009 c16 Cassy
I just read it and I will write a long review as soon, I got enough time. But I have to say two things about picos review at point 7. I like that storyline but please, PLEASE don't give the german agent that silly name ^^ (no offens!)

Herman is a bit oldfashioned, but could is german forname like Martin, Peter, Markus, Paul, Johannes, Nils, Thomas, Dominik, Sven, Stefan, Lukas, Jan, Richard or anything else. But Aloysius is another forename and so oldfashioned I never heard about it in this time. In the 21th century only total insane parents would name their baby like this ;)

It's like, I don't know, perhaps like Thaddeus in your country? (just a guess ^^)

Typical german lastnames are (I looked up the 10 most used names): Müller, Schmidt, Schneider, Fischer, Weber, Meyer, Wagner, Becker, Schulz und Hoffmann.

That should help, if you ever have the wish to name a german agent. If you have a question about other german things/names etc. just ask ;)

Lg Cassy

PS: I'm nearly crying about that bad cliffhanger and the poor Travis!
6/18/2009 c16 Pico

Forgot to insert my email address.

That's my email address.
6/15/2009 c16 Pico
I still have to say that further expounding should be given when you describe something or someone. Interesting thing with how Ling could have turned evil permanently, and Travis' real name is Gabriel Mercer? I wonder where you're going with this. I suspect more of Raine using her psychic powers in this fiasco.

I'm glad that you managed to update sooner. This fic really grabs my interest. I also got a lot of new ideas, plus some revisioning of previously offered suggestions.

1 - Valra's 'Dark Empire' no doubt includes renegade Vampires and Vampoids (blood-controlled human slaves), like her faction in the episode 'Amok Vampire'. To spice things up, add some Vampires who were given Banshee powers by Valra (through drinking the blood of kidnapped Banshee).

2 - If Malik is Anti-Alliance and a Valra loyalist, he would be one of her finest agents? Also, who is Raknor? Hanek's second-in-command, Dor, took over after his boss was killed in that fiasco involving teleporters powered by the life force of captive Banshee. Moving back to Malik, I think it would be sweet if he is researching into the teleporter technology Hanek had pioneered as well as weapons designed to harm Banshee.

3 - If you decide to make Malik oppose Raknor's current regime and Valra's faction, I suggest making him form a group of renegade Vampire families who are planning on re-instating the old ways of Hanek's rule. Like the old Intracom, these renegade vampires operate under the cover of a business company (which is naturally a competitor to the present-day Intracom). Write that this company is signing contracts with an Oni-controlled corporation and you'll be setting the stage for a storyline in Japan, China, and the Philippines.

4 - Inevitably, Valra's own goals will cause Li'Kara to break away from this unholy alliance set by the Sioux, Malik's Vampires, and her own faction. The fact that Banshee are being kidnapped from various settlements throughout Europe by her minions would reinforce her belief that the Banshee were better off without the Alliance and the Vampires. Gathering many like-minded Banshee into a group called the Covenant of the Pure (you could disregard that name and replace it with a better one), Li'Kara would declare a war of terrorism against humans and Vampires.

For the default uniforms of this group, I think a variation of the Banshee choice garb (the white robe) plus the outfits Sh'lainn's initial pursuers used would be good.

Here's the link - http:/deionscribe./art/Scrap-Screenshot-125985571

5 - Both Orion, Yarin, and Myrna should be featured more in the story. Alliance discontent among some Lycanthropes makes for good background information that can be mentioned. I have a name now for a possible older brother for Orion (which I really would like you to write and expound on). Give him the name Sirius, and make his personality a blend of the devoted leader and of his and Orion's ancestor, Ruck.

6 - Yarin could also be the center of a lot of conflict. Malik and many other renegade Vampires might try to convince him to follow his uncle's footsteps, or try and kill him to disrupt Vampire relations with the Alliance. Hanek's reputation alone would probably make him subject to assassination attempts by rogue Vampires and Li'Kara's Banshee, and would really drive him into a pinch.

7 - I got a sweet way to re-feature Myrna in your story via a scenario. A Banshee operative and liason officer in the Alliance's German Branch is targeted and killed along with other Banshee in the country. Whether the ones responsible are either Li'Kara's faction or Valra's faction is yours to decide. In this possible story, Myrna is assigned to lead the Banshee side of investigations alongside the Alliance (both the German and Roswell branches). Other characters featured should include Travis, Raine, John, Sh'lainn, and an agent from the German branch (here's a name: Herman Aloysius), and the setting should be in Berlin or just some major city in Germany. To make things crazier, Interpol, C.I.A, and the F.B.I could be involved if there were any bystanders killed.

8 - P.S: If there's any familial relationship between Myrna and Queen Mab, what is it? Daughter to mother? Niece to aunt? Li'Kara addressed her as 'Princess', so that indicates a relation to Mab.

9 - If you want to send feedback on my suggestions, here's my email address: . I also go by the name of deionscribe in DeviantArt. Hope to hear from you.

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