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4/25/2016 c65 30The-KLF
So much angst in such tiny stories. The few with 'happy endings' almost seemed like they were there out of obligation! But I enjoyed them all, well done.
10/18/2015 c20 Mark
That's perfect, I never considered that possibility. Thanks
3/31/2015 c2 sam
5/20/2013 c55 BlueEyedBrigadier
Ah, Mal and his homely wisdom...more blunt than some prefer but this gets to the heart of the matter: Mal wants Inara to stay but he's not going to force her too and cause bigger heartache later. And Inara has a lot of thinking to do in order to know if she wants to be vulnerable to possibly find greater happiness.

Wonderful work!
2/8/2013 c1 3Meloriel
I just needed to point out that I am so happy to have found you on this site! I've been hooked on my laptop for all my free time today reading your huge amount of Firefly fics. They were spectacular! I also really enjoyed your Dexter ones, the Borderlands one, and all the Buffy ones. There were far too many good ones for me to review them all, but I just wanted you to know they were extremely enjoyable. You did a great job of keeping everyone in character, and everything seemed so natural. It fit in perfectly with the show. Well done! I can't wait to read more.
12/16/2012 c49 22Bytemite
11/16/2012 c8 Girl Wonder 2005
10/9/2012 c43 17ebfiddler
10/9/2012 c40 ebfiddler
More not acting on feelings. A lot of repression on both side, I think.
10/9/2012 c44 ebfiddler
Final act of devotion. Unacknowledged, still their love is selfless and deep. Sad, so sad.
10/9/2012 c45 ebfiddler
Yes, truly happy. Even with things unresolved, this little big thing makes all the difference in his outlook.
10/9/2012 c48 ebfiddler
Oh no. Inara talking herself into denying her heart. When she leaves, she will find reasons to regret her decision just as she's finding reasons now to support it. Good portrayal of her mixed feelings.
10/9/2012 c47 ebfiddler
Inara truly holds the key. Mal without Inara to give him balance spirals downward in a very dark direction. Kaylee is right.
7/13/2012 c33 Dudtheman
lol! so mal cute as hell
1/14/2012 c23 4Mad Zia Magdalena
I really like this story. Just... Beautiful. The relationship dynamic is very well made, and each chapter is interesting. I also like the flipflopping p.o.v. Very touching too, without being cliche or corny. Wonderful
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