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for Midnight Sun Continued

8/27/2015 c14 Guest
Could you continue?
12/24/2014 c14 Sara Thompson
You write very well. You should finish this piece it's amazing!
2/8/2014 c14 ninny 1
Very nice but is there ever going to be more

Thank you for a great read so far
1/21/2014 c1 Amanda
Amazingly perfect
10/30/2013 c14 1TwiJay
I love it ! Please write more !
5/29/2013 c14 Ashley
Please write more! It be in the. Future you a bit steamy
5/19/2013 c14 1Ginevra-Potter98
I love this! I kno i am a bit late, and you seem to have dropped this story, but its wonderfull and i hope some day you will finish it!
11/21/2012 c5 Ana
LOL! I cant tell the difference in the writing - well almost. It is a VERY good mach :D love it
8/31/2012 c1 1AnnaTheVisitor
Hi there. I just read the first few lines of your story.
I usually read the whole chapter before reviewing, but this was eating me alive.
Bella doesn't have a boom box.
She has a cd player.
Something happened that night. Bella was restless, remember? She didn't sleep like the dead. Bella has a bit of a reputation for waking up and not remembering what she did or said. My bet is that she woke up and saw Edward. Or she said something in her sleep that bothered/disturbed/pleased Edward. All we know is that SOMETHING happened that night and that seemed to have been left out of your interpretation.
Other than that, your writing style is pleasant, though in your writing, varying your sentence beginnings and using elevated diction would make this story excellent. Paragraphing and a few other grammatical errors were detected.

Sorry to go all Beta Reader on you! I usually don't do that, really!
1/17/2012 c2 4abbydog26
i really like your writing style. a lot of people who try to finish midnight sun dont portray the real edward, so im glad you were able to.
11/15/2011 c6 1Demon'sGrace
Thank you, thank you thank you for sticking with this at least until the medow it is always infuriating when the other writers stop right before it. very good work by the way, you have managed to keep just enough Meyer while still making the writting style distinctly your own.

Keep it up.
8/6/2011 c1 2GetExciteditsSam
4/21/2011 c14 2peepskeeper
You have done such a good job so far it is a shame that you have not updated in such a long time. I hope you reconsider and finish:)
2/21/2011 c14 Karen Cullen Grey
please continue, its a wonderful story!
1/30/2011 c4 ecullensgurl
on to the next one...
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