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4/22/2020 c2 2Tonyorobsky
I know it’s a dead fic. But... you had one of the weakest creature launch HUNDREDS of punches in an instant instead of a dozen. You also had Ranma get hit twice while fighting 10 of the weakest creatures in the world when he can easily take on the hentai horde without using his arms. And among the hentai horde, many could take 2 goblins on their own.
1/27/2019 c6 46Hikari Nova
revive and update this please it's very nice
10/25/2018 c6 shadesnake
Very interesting. I am waiting for the next chapter
12/18/2017 c5 Battlesny
if the Anton is a carnivore why would it not attack humans? meat is meat and the antlion isn't weak enough to allow any easy prey to escape.

since the Ranma group didn't meet Yang or the Mom-Bomb on the mountain, do they miss him in passing on their way to Fabulous and Yang's way to the mountain and Cecil or Cecil group will find them on their way? actually I think Cecil was going straight from Damcyan to Mysidia so probably not.
12/18/2017 c4 Battlesny
just thought I should mention for the bestiary on the Octomammoth, the plural of octopus is octopi.
9/30/2017 c1 GPX-2013
Hi there, I was wonderingnif you could do these...

Final Fantasy IX x Ranma 1/2

Final Fantasy XIII x Ranma 1/2

Like Final Fantasy IV One-Half, Ranma and Kasumi end up in one of these two universes by certain means. For FF XIII, possible Ranma x Lightning, also read A Spider's Focus by lyokoMARVELanime.
10/30/2016 c4 deanron
it's own not won.
10/28/2016 c3 deanron
Outside it's ground,not floor.
10/23/2016 c5 deanron
the story is fairly good but is not long enough, needs more chapters.
1/13/2016 c6 sonkuragari
I'm enjoying Final Fantasy 1/2 and hope to see an update eventually.
11/5/2015 c6 8Golden Zero16
Finally, more Cecil
11/5/2015 c3 Golden Zero16
Not a bad story but would like to see more Cecil
6/28/2015 c6 Ranmafanboy
Darn it ended!
1/28/2015 c6 InfiniteParadigmShifts
I have to admit, Rydia kicks ass in the game. Completely OP, throwing aga spells like crazy. I'm curious to see how you handle the encounter with leviathan. You lampshaded it by mentioning rydia's potential in the looks department. It's a bit of a stretch but that's how i feel.
1/28/2015 c1 InfiniteParadigmShifts
The money thing is more about scavaging for parts, at least that's what i tell myself. Think of pen and paper rpgs, though on that note id love to see a game have that be your means of improving. Nothing but synthesis/blacksmiths and VERY rare irem drops.
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