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for So Long Ago, So Far Away: Memoir of a Half Ghost

11/13/2008 c1 20Anthiena
Interesting. Very. I also want to say: I accept your challenge.
10/26/2008 c1 10CatalystOfTheSoul
I would like to see your challenge explored as well, but I too have troubles seeing myself write that...I'd be way to biased against Vlad, and DXV -although okay with me- is rather difficult for me to write. Heck, I have problems writing DXS. Romance is easy to read, IMPOSSIBLE to write.

So, back to reviewing the actual piece. I am intrigued by Danny's writing, his age would no doubt make him wise. And I intend to see that throughout your story, no offense, but when you meet a sensible elder person, you think them wizened by their years, so it would only make sense if Danny was.

Sorry if that pushes you to make him OOC, I'm not saying you're dropping character traits. Just make him a little, you know, knowledgeable. Rah! It's not coming out right, sorry. You know what I mean though?

Gah, I can never describe things without somehow offending the author! Even if they don't say it outright, I know I take a tiny hit on their self-esteem and I feel all miserable for not having cunning word play.

And I'm rambling...again...I do this too often. I try to quit, and yet it comes out anyway. I've gone beyond the point of deleting my rambles before I post, what's the point when I'll forget in the next review anyway?

Grr! I did it AGAIN!

BACK to the review!

And...I'm out of things to say...huh...maybe rambling helps...?

Anywho, story alert?



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