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for Sunclan's Destiny

2/14/2009 c26 Strange and proud
It's great! You should really make one about Mistcloud. I don't like the way Willowstar was evil, but that's probaly because one of my faves was Willowpelt. You should check your work before your post too. Other than that, Brilliant!
2/1/2009 c26 6PolarIceWolf
loved the story! decendent sequel? maybe that Dogclaw gathered rouges and Goldenstar and flashfrost's kids have to stop them? or illusions... Great story though!
2/1/2009 c26 21The Damned Goddess
You would be super awesome if you made a sequal.
2/1/2009 c26 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Heyy, what happened to Heat and Bird? And what will happen to Eagle? And all the other loose ends? Please write more about SunClan, MoonClan, the orignial clans, and StarCats. Your biggest fan,

2/1/2009 c25 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
It's over! No! No! No! Ok I'm fine now, but still, this was an awesome story. It was very original and unexpected. I look forward to your new stories,

1/31/2009 c25 2Frozen Archer
I love the ending! Especially how Illusion was reuinted with her family. That was a very good way to end it though I'm sad it ended.
1/29/2009 c24 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Wowwowiewow! This is so awesome and twisty! Yay, Goldenstar, Flashfrost! The Lifekin is so cool. I KNEW you couldn't kill Goldenpaw! Whoa, I thought he was a minor character! OH! OH! I know what's going to happen! Robinsky can be the leader of ThunderClan! ! Ok I'll stop noe beffore you explode. Keep writing!

1/26/2009 c24 6PolarIceWolf
best chapter yet! thanks for killing willow!XD
1/26/2009 c24 maddie
good story, i like it
1/25/2009 c24 Nightmares and Dreams
Another awesome chapter. I noticed one or two spelling and grammar errors but besides that it was all good!
1/25/2009 c23 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
!This story just gets better and better! Willowshadow's scary! Robinsky's awesome! Goldenpaw's dead! Oh my this is exciting! Poor Goldenpaw and Flashfrost (awesome name btw). Well, see you next time!

1/25/2009 c14 warriorstar12
ugh im dying for your next chapter. you rock at this, well bya!
1/25/2009 c13 warriorstar12
hi your story is awesome. except for a couple of spelling errors, but other than that your story is still awesome!
1/18/2009 c23 17Chikanpo
Wow.. This is a pretty big twist going on huh? I really like their warrior names :3 I figure at this point Goldenpaw's not gonna get one, but if he would have what would it have been? I'm kinda curious now :3 I just feel sorry for him and Flashfrost... (really cool name by the way! I luv it!) I also feel sorry for Illusion about her brothers.. Really good story! Please update soon! (I luv how fast you updated :3)
1/18/2009 c23 6PolarIceWolf
awesome Chapter
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