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1/17/2009 c22 17Chikanpo
Willowpaw used to be my favorite!... Now I don't like her.. And for Robinsky, I kinda thought Robinfeather would have been a good name. (Robinfeather, Eaglefeather) And no offense to Robinsky, but I think I would rather have Goldenpaw live 1. because he doesn't have a warrior name 2. because he's my favorite out of them and 3. because of Flashpaw... (The reasons are not particularly in that order.. I kinda wrote it backwards.. hehe) It's too bad that the story will end soon.. but I really like it and I hope you update soon!
1/16/2009 c22 4noblepond
This is my favourite sto-lala-ry! Continue don't let the writersblock bugs bite!Is there gonna be a sequal?Please tell me theres gonna be a sequal!
1/15/2009 c22 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Thanks for clearing that up. I can't wait to read your new story. You are an amazing writer. Woo, Willowpaw and Dogclaw teamed up!

1/13/2009 c2 2warriorstar12
so that was great. no offense but sorta boring. it's all happened before in erin hunter's books. but it was still awesome. so plz update.
1/13/2009 c11 warriorstar12
That was awesome. i love your stories. plz update. oh and keep writing. im gonna read all your stories.
1/12/2009 c22 21The Damned Goddess
You killed Goldenpaw. As you said, Willowpaw(that little evil bitch) sensed a cat leaving. It was a sibling. And Robinsky was still alive when Mapletail healed her.
1/11/2009 c22 6LittleWhiteDragonlet
yay! i finaly found time to read chapter 9-22! cant wait for the next chappie yupp yupp!

^^ namu ant the EDOD
1/9/2009 c21 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Thanks! I like how the warriors don't all have names with their powers. One tiny mistake: Blossumpaw again.
1/9/2009 c20 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Ooh yes, more GoldenxFlash. I hope they work out. Wow, this story has evolved so much. Started with an apprentice, and now the apprentices apprentices kits are almost warriors! This is more thatn I've ever done. Oh, Dogclaw. This is getting amazingly interesting. One thing: how do MoonClan kits grow? This is awesome!,

1/6/2009 c21 17Chikanpo
Cool, Sprucepaw's there now :3 I hope the others ALL join, that would be nice :3 GO STARCATS! I like all their powers :3 I want some :3 and thanks for the alligencies (that's how you spell it right? I'm to lazy to check :3) they definitly helped with the Moonclan cats, and I had a question. If a Moonclan cat got pregnate would they ever have the kits? I mean if time's frozen that probably wouldn't work huh? I was thinking maybe they would have to leave untill the kits were born and able to be apprentices, and would they have powers? If they didn't could they stay? Sorry, I'm too curious and my imagination runs wild sometimes :3 and for some reason I got the email for this chapter 3 times, so it was like, the first one I clicked on, so I didn't notice the chapter before it until I got to Sprucepaw's name. Than I realized I missed a chapter :3 Wow... Long review.. Hehe... Please update soon so I can bore you with more long reviews! (I'll try not to make them to boring anymore :3 I started reading this one and almost fell asleep XD)
1/5/2009 c20 Nightmares and Dreams
Okay, that was mean. You left too many cliffies! Arg! Willowpaw honestly confuses me, I can't tell if she's psycho or innocent! And I really want to know what Goldenpaw's deciion is! Please update soon!
1/2/2009 c11 warriorstar12
that is AWESOME! i love yout stories. so cool.
1/1/2009 c19 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
New chapter! *dances* Evil Willowpaw! Awesome twist! Wow! To bad she has to be the antagonist... I love medicine cats. But this is great! So, MoonClan. This is interesting. I can't wait for a new chapter! Also, one question: How do the apprentices of MoonClan grow, if they're outside time? Update soon! Love GoldenxFlash. Also, thanks for using Hazedream. This is an awesome story,

12/31/2008 c19 Chikanpo
Willowpaw's an evil mastermind! She sure changed fast. She is pretty smart though :3 And some of the Starcats have really interesting powers. I like Flamefoots :3 I think I would rather have Flashpaws or Sprucepaws though, I like being fast :3 Actually, that means Timestars would work well too. But I like Flashpaws. I mean, sure you could be extremely strong, but if you couldn't catch your enemy there is no point. Robinpaws would be cool too though.. I would love to be able to fly.. I can't choose! Wah! If I could be really fast and fly that would be AWESOME! Sorry about my babbling... I'll stop now.. This is really awesome though if I'm babbling about it :3 I usually on babble about things I like :3 you should see how much I babble about CLAMP animes/mangas! (go Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth and Tsubasa Chronical!) sorry, I'm babbling again... Please update quickly next year! XD
12/31/2008 c19 4noblepond
No!You evil pershon!You making nice Willowpaw EVIL!Bad kittypet!
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