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for Sunclan's Destiny

12/31/2008 c19 6PolarIceWolf
Great Chapter! the best one so far. There were one or two spacing error's, though, and i recommend a beta and/or spell-check, just to make your story better then it is all ready.

12/31/2008 c19 Nightmares and Dreams
Another really good chapter! I noticed a couple of spelling, grammar, and capitalization mistakes but other than that it was really good! I'm actually kind of surprised at how it worked out with Willowpaw, I can't believe she is planning to control the whole forest.
12/31/2008 c19 21The Damned Goddess
Everybody true colors come out.

But one thing. The moon is a scarced thing in the books.

12/30/2008 c1 18Furyfur
12/28/2008 c18 17Chikanpo
Definitly a good chapter! I feel sorry for all 4 of them.. They are treated like freaks by clan cats... (except Willowpaw and Goldenpaw) But Willowpaw's just to powerfull.. I guess nothing is wrong for Goldenpaw yet though :3 well, I guess if you count knowing all your sibilings have problems it could turn into a worrying problem.. Oh well :3 still really good and please update soon!
12/27/2008 c18 2Frozen Archer
A season is basically four months, for example Winter or Leaf-bare is one season. Other than a couple mistakes in punctuation or spelling it's really good! I can't wait to find out what they choose. I really like your ideas, too, they make it much more interesting!
12/27/2008 c18 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Yes! Finally I get to review when the chapter comes out! So, will they end up in MoonClan? Ooh, I bet Robinpaw is the new leader of MoonClan! I bet Lilypaw (thanks for the clarification) is a StarCat. And I almost forgot: a season is 3 moons (Like for winter, December, January, February) so 40 years would be 160 seasons (I think). Correct me if I'm wrong. Here's another thing: If Robinpaw's a MoonClanner, then who will be the SunClanner?

Love your story,

12/25/2008 c17 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Oo, sorry about the missed reviews! I've been busy lately. This is still awesome. Really. I love this. So, they show their powers! I can't wait- update soon. One mistake- the Lily/Blossom thing again. Which is real? Merry Christmas, CRYSTALSTAR
12/25/2008 c16 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Thanks for the SunClan. :) Love this story as always!

12/25/2008 c15 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Amazing! This is such a wonderful story! Oo, I love the stone twist. One small mistake thing: You originnaly introduced Blossompaw as Lilypaw, and it's an o, not a u. Otherwise you are doing great :).

12/23/2008 c17 21The Damned Goddess
I'm reading =P.
12/21/2008 c17 17Chikanpo
Yays! A really long chapter! I luvs long chapters! That was really good! It's really cool how there are more than just them! And I don't know why, but when I heard Twinklekit was in Shadowclan I had a random thought that she might have powers too! I know that that's probably not true, I just wanted to mention it. (I don't know how I got that idea, I just always have random things pop into my head and usually they're right. Like one time I was playing New Blood for the Wii with my friend and I saw a dog and said," We're gonna operate on that!" and the next operation we did was on the dog!) Wow, I got completely off track there.. Sorry.. But seriously! I LOVE this story! Please update as soon as you can and please keep the chapters nice and long! I'm a succker for long chapters :3
12/21/2008 c17 6PolarIceWolf
Very good chapter =D
12/18/2008 c10 warriorstar12
hi leapardshadow. maybe lionpaw can be Lionclaw. and hazepaw can be Hazepelt. bye!
12/15/2008 c16 17Chikanpo
That was a good chapter :3 And thanks for the new allegiences :3 they are helpful. Please update as soon as possible! I can't wait for the next chapter! :3
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