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7/13/2015 c14 Firefly-gal
Great story!
1/26/2013 c14 2anybody-out-there
Cool story. I hope you write more knight rider-stories.
6/16/2011 c14 10Karmadevi
Wow! I just happened to wander back in here and what a pleasant surprise to find that you'd finished this wonderful story! I'd last left off with the torture scene and was afraid it was just going to end on that agonizing cliffhanger.

Terrific job on this story, especially for a first fic. The action was gripping and you kept the characters very consistent with the show. I love that Sarah got to hold her own in the ass-kicking department! I hope you write more. I'll make sure to peek back in here more often. :)
5/1/2011 c14 80Darth Krande
I just got to read this now, but at least I could read the whole story in one piece. It was fascinating. You kept it match the style and characters exactly as they were in the 2008 series, and yet it was good and 'alive'.

Thanks for writing this story.
4/21/2011 c14 2Melody Phoenix
Great story. Looking forward to more in the future!
4/21/2011 c14 shirik
thank you so much for not neglecting this story! it was an amazing adventure which i really enjoyed!

i would love to read more from you- maybe you'll write some hawaii five -o ? the new serie is amazing and i'm sure you'll love the actor who playes STEVE -it's the amazing Alex o'loghlin who plyed in moonlight , three rivers and in the movie- the back up plan. check it out!
4/13/2011 c12 4J loves JS
I really have enjoyed this story so far. Please, please continue it.
12/26/2010 c12 cp6
i am so glad you updated, i love this story,

but update soon ok?
12/19/2010 c12 shirik
what a wonderful surprise! i was shocked to understand it has been a year and a half since last update and since the show ended- i was so sorry it ended

tnx for updating - i wonder when will you update again- i hope it'll be before i retire... (wink) i hope you went through that block and you'll be able to write more soon. it's torture to wait that long again.

major tnx and happy holidays!
12/19/2010 c12 2Melody Phoenix
Just started reading the story today. I like it! Please update ASAP. I need to know what happens!
12/17/2010 c12 23anyabar1987
welcome back to the world of fanfiction. good chapter as per usual
10/2/2010 c11 cp6
please update i love this story...

4/8/2010 c11 Princess from Far
Oh, please, continue!

I even registered in especially to write: hurry up!

I love the story and I hope you'll soon get Mike and Sarah out of trouble (speaking of whom - being KITT's second driver is exactly the thing Sarah would do - great idea!)
1/9/2010 c11 10ShadowOfASilentVoice
Please update !

Thats a great story.
12/12/2009 c1 jedaib
i haven't seen anything either, about Mike and Sarah when they were young. just the brief comments and stories they shared and mentioned between themselves in the tv-movie/"pilot"-episode [of "Knight Rider 2008"] and the tv-series.

but i think you did a REALLY GREAT JOB! :-)

i've been a SERIOUSLY HUGE AND HEAVY fan of Knight Rider since i was a little kid. and you write these stories BEAUTIFULLY. it's awesome, amazing, really well written, inspiring, intriguing, AND, you SERIOUSLY can't wait to read the next chapter of the story when you're done reading the chapter that you are reading. keep up the REALLY AWESOME WRITING! :-D
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