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11/8/2009 c11 12Pitbull Almighty
Definitely want more on this!

Can't wait!
9/6/2009 c11 2P0rcelainD0ll
That is one hectic story line you have here. I do hope you finish it.
6/8/2009 c11 19Rose Aarac
I love it great job! And it is such a bummer that they cancelled KR.

Can't wait for the next chapter of this fic!
5/31/2009 c11 earthling70
I have just found this story and it is really well written. You have captured the characters perfectly and written the situations they find themselves in, in a very believable way. Keep up the great work - I can't wait to see where you take us with the next chapter. Well done!
4/29/2009 c11 3Somnium1
Ooh another fabulous chapter, and worth the wait as the plot thickens. Loving the angst and all those other emotions that poor Sarah and Mike are going through. Can't wait to see what you come up with to get them out of their predicament, hope Mike gets to kick Hancocks butt!

Oh and I'll join you in being mad at the cancellation, they haven't even started to show the show here in the UK, it premeairs(sp next month.
4/26/2009 c11 3Alex Joleta
great story. please continue!
4/26/2009 c11 shirik
please update soon!11 tnx
4/26/2009 c10 shirik
i'm so happy you updated- i loved the action in this chapter! tnx
4/25/2009 c11 21Aethelgythe
:D YAY! Great chapter...I'm so glad that Sarah is free!

4/25/2009 c10 12BuckleWinner
Uh sorry, apparently I can't say the website. It's Knight Rider Online. Try it.
4/25/2009 c11 BuckleWinner
Well, for one, GREAT STORY! For two, the Knight Rider season wasnt canceled, not yet at least. That was just the end of the first season. has a campaign to get season two started. Sign the petition and you could help save Knight Rider. Just thought this might help keep you from being angry towards the producers of the show. Anyways, great story and keep it coming. I can't wait until the next chapter!
4/25/2009 c11 3LisaRosa
I really like this story! The last I heard though was that KR had not been officially cancelled. NBC will be putting out their Fall schedule on May 5th. If you want to know more, go to Knight Rider Online at .
4/25/2009 c11 3SeeleyDeanDinozzo
great chapter i actully forgot about this story as well i did not know they cancelled knight rider i thought it was still up in the air. why do they never give good shows a chance.

update again soon can't wait to see what happens next
4/25/2009 c11 freitazal
fantastic chapter ! i love irate mike aqnd i hope that KITT will rescue mike and sara soon .

anxiously awaiting for more ,

4/9/2009 c10 3Alex Joleta
WOW! Please finish this. I will be waiting patiently, or trying to anyway. If you don't finish soon I may have to come up with my own ending. Excited! Please finish. By the way, Great Writing!
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