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1/23/2020 c29 Guest
Wish you would have made Albus face what he had done. But fantastic overall!
1/3/2020 c8 3Heksy
Hello there.
I find the tale quite intriguing, but do have a small complaint.
In this chapter alone I read "watch your back" and "have your back" so many times, it gets a bit irritating.
Perhaps it might be a good idea to rephrase a few of those sentences?
Otherwise, great story.
9/9/2019 c22 7MollyMuffinHead
Talking about the headmaster in this chapter reminded me about Harry's abuse. His husbands were so upset and punished his relatives, but didn't do anything to Dumbledore. Harry told them he knew but made him go back because of the blood wards. Is he going to get his?
9/8/2019 c15 MollyMuffinHead
That explains it a little better. Do they realize how incredibly brave Harry was on their wedding night? After what he went through, anything could have happened. He could have passed out. He could have cried. His magic could have exploded. His magic could have killed both of them. Harry's strength is always being underestimated.
9/8/2019 c14 MollyMuffinHead
At least they aren't going to have at him all weekend. Glad to see that comment about pregnancy. Takes some worry away from me.
9/8/2019 c12 MollyMuffinHead
Ok, so, Harry is the one that gets pregnant? Does he even know he can? Are they ever going to tell him? Are they going to try to get him pregnant before the year is over to keep him? Right now the only ending I want to see is Harry telling them to f off at the end of they year. Oh, by the way, you don't show someone you love them by being gentle while raping them on their wedding night.
9/8/2019 c11 MollyMuffinHead
They used a spell to stick him to the bed? Way to engender trust. And 'they' decided he could play? Is he their child or their future husband. Why is he not more upset about them controlling his life? He always was before when someone tried. They can read his emotions? Are they just going to tell him crumbs of what this new life will be like as they come up? They way this is going, he's going to be a bonded slave.
9/8/2019 c9 MollyMuffinHead
What's with 'little one'? Sounds like they're talking to a 3 year old.
9/8/2019 c7 MollyMuffinHead
Interesting plot and premise. Can't help but think that everyone, including all the adults, would be angry this happened. He's 15. Below the age of consent. I know that oath is binding, but it was made under impossible circumstances. Can't help but think of Lucius and Snape (especially Snape) as pedophiles. Why can't they wait until he's an adult? Why is everything about their relationship and bonding tied to sex? Won't there be anything else in it for Harry? Is he just going to have to bend over every time they tell him? Seems he will be a sex slave rather than a bonded member of the triad.
12/28/2018 c21 mumphie
I guess I don't understand why they couldn't ask under veritaserum if they had accomplices or if others help plan the attack. Seems logical...of course this IS the Wizarding world.
7/20/2018 c8 retired10
I don't know if you'll read this or not, but I really like your writing! I've read a few of your other stories and just want to say that I hope you'll keep writing when you have the time. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
2/14/2018 c29 wandamarie
loved the story thank you
2/14/2018 c28 wandamarie
thanks again for your time and talent
2/13/2018 c27 wandamarie
love the chapter
2/13/2018 c26 wandamarie
thanks for the story
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