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10/25 c39 StylesBakery28
Please update, I love the story
10/20 c11 Wolfpack13579
Hey, look is me Wynter. I never knew I was in Harry Potter! It's kinda strange to see your name in a book, also fun fact about the name Wynter, it is given to female babies whose mother died when giving birth and the father isnt in the picture, they are given to an orphanage and named Wynter.

Morbid but cool
9/30 c39 SunPho3n1x
I have really been enjoying this story! I think Tom and Harry together are very cute. Wynter is of course adorable. I have very much enjoyed reading about this family. Thank you for writing this.
8/4 c39 anissa.abz
J’adore hâte de voir la suite, l’évolution de la relation Harry/Tom et peut-être le probable retour en Australie
6/29 c18 petit blabla
ils sont tellement mignons
6/29 c14 petit blabla
leur relation s'il faut l'appeler ainsi.. me fait rire.. chien et chat
6/29 c3 petit blabla
wow... it's hot
5/25 c39 HappyxZoro
J'ai hâte de la suite 3
5/24 c39 SmileyPops
Oh my Merlin, I just loved it! I am absolutely in love with your way of writing and how you develop the whole story, and I swear to you that I cried nonstop in the previous chapter and I still want to cry just to remember! Please just continue this fanfiction, take your time. Just, please don't stop
5/24 c1 HappyxZoro
Je recommence à lire cette histoire je l'ai cherché 3
5/17 c39 128lederra
Enjoying this story so far!
5/11 c39 PernaLonga
I came here to see if there is a new chapter, since the Portuguese translator stopped translating, it’s only now that I’m writing this, that I realized that I had a statement that the author hasn’t posted yet. But I will wait because I fell in love with this story.

You really did a great job!

Translated from Portuguese to English by the translator.
4/21 c39 Winter1906
Update soon please this is really good
4/4 c39 cristal130
voltaso na espera
3/31 c39 14Beth9891
Great chapter!
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