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10/16 c40 1inuyasha16451
Omg. This is amazing. Please update soon
9/11 c40 Alya1188
schöne geschichte, bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.

LG alya88
8/12 c22 Hariana Halone
I stop story idea is really good but there are too many plot holes . Obvious things that should have been done with magic aren't. Tom could have Apparated when Hermione and Ron were there or go invisible,Dumbledore won't leave Harry and the baby in a house without a faithful but we can accept the latter for the plot. Really I really like the story but I keep spotting too obvious errors. I hope there will be a rewrite one day.
8/4 c40 Kimi
Thank you for writing this wonderful story and I wish you lots of luck for this year and the next. I know life can be stressful and a lot to deal with.
8/2 c40 Elixablack27
When’s the next update? I need one wynters just too cute
8/2 c30 Elixablack27
Harry…darling your in love
7/10 c12 1Bast Misao
A name representing Spring would be Verna.
7/6 c40 KimberlyJho-ann
the note makes cry. afshdjdsll! there's hope. thank you.
7/6 c40 Guest
Just wanted to say that i have reread this fic so many times and it is totally worth the wait!
4/8 c40 2Luna Wolf 0605
J'ai beaucoup aimé ta fanfiction, et même si je ne suis malheureusement pas doué pour l'anglais, merci Merlin à mon téléphone qui fait la traduction ! Je m'en serais voulu de rater une aussi belle pépite ! J'ai hâte de lire la suite, même si le prochain chapitre est dans un an. (Petit clin d'œil à ta note, car oui, je l'ai lu entière )

Je te souhaite bon courage pour tes boulots, ta vie en général et tout !
4/7 c40 Ellie.Cast4
Just fell into this knowing it was possibly abandoned and was so pumped to read the last author’s note. Hope! There is hope! It’s been a great read and I’m excited to continue it.
3/26 c40 petit blabla
j'ai dû recommencer pour me replonger dans l'histoire... c'était superbe.. j'ai peur que leur réconciliation(bonheur) de nouveau ne dure pas,qu'est-ce qu'ils pourront surmonter ensemble les coups de l'avenir... merci encore et bonne continuation bisous
3/17 c40 3mrs moonie
I hope u get a chance to update more in this new year
Luv the story
2/27 c35 Kaybay91
This story is making my ovaries explode
2/23 c24 elixaBlack27
yeah that's what they deserve
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