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2/10/2010 c1 Nandita
Hey, its nan as in Nandita. Remember me? BKK? Anyway, i was just reading our old mails and i found this website. Ur writing is really good but if u don't mind could i say something? The part where the main character, Mr.De silva talks to Ryan there's a mistake. I mean Mr. De Silva must be old and usually old people don't do the quotations on the air. Just a comment, don't mind it! Anyway, good luck and may u create many more stories! ;)
8/2/2009 c1 jessicam242
Aw! Poor Jesse!
7/24/2009 c1 1Jesse de Silva is MINE
Hey! I'm an Indian too! Diwali doesn't drive me mad though...Great story! I enjoy all of your work. I haven't reviewed any of them, so I'm writing this as a combined review...update all your stories soon!
10/30/2008 c1 5LilyPSuzeSMiaM
Ek! Diwali? You're Indian too. That is so awesome. And I know, it drives me crazy too. Even though I'm all always crazy...Anyways! Did you get that idea with the Alzheimer's from that movie? Um...with Kajol? U me aur hum? Just asking. *sigh* That movie was so sad. It sent me to tears. I loved it, by the way.
10/29/2008 c1 64Bunnylass

Yes, now I am using big words to describe the massive shock and awe at how WOW this fic was! The detail! The emotion! The angst! *Fans face* I need to go and eat me some more chocolate after reading that!

But that was so unique and wonderful, I have no words! I wanna scream, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, for ages! But this is SO much MORE than that! And I hate that I'm not doing it justice! But WHOA!

I really like this :D It was BRILLIANT and so damn PERFECT! So glad you wrote this! Huggles for a superb fic :D!

10/28/2008 c1 3iNuQTpIe
D': WAH! That was so sad! But really good... :] Good job!
10/28/2008 c1 10Satellite Falling
I feel a little sick reading this. Sick because it is so well written, it rips out my heart. Oh oh oh oh. You are ridiculously talented. Kudos kudos kudos.
10/28/2008 c1 5I want to be Jesse's girl
Wow! I wonder whether this is a take on the Notebook is it? I think it is quite good, although I was like no Jesse don't age stay the sexy 20 year old guy that you are but alas of course he will - I will too in another like 40 years become a poor 60 year old women but hopefully without Alzheimer’s.

At first I was like oh no Suze is dead and poor Jesse but either way Jesse would be hurt. You know there were lines such as once your dead you don't come back or something and of course the lovely Mr. De Silva thought it ironic which of course it is. Love the whole explanation of the reflex thing it is cute.

By the way totally love the dance thing - you know a comparison of the ending of the 6th book and the old priest with graying hair (probably similar to what Jesse would be having) of course that's meant to be a take on Father Dom but yeah well considering that Father Dom was like 60 in the 1st Mediator book - 50 years later - he would be like 110 so I doubt that was him (lol) right?

Interesting to see you write Jesse's POV for a change and an angst at that - quite different from writing Suze isn't it I think with Jesse its harder to write for most because he is so..Jesse (no other word to describe him).

Hope your having fun at the Diwali festival thing - although from the rolling eyes probably not - must be quite noisy. Anyways yeah interesting story - unique and engaging

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