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4/13/2020 c6 2The Imitation Wizard
This is so freaking good! I never saw any of that last chapter coming! Fan-freaking-tasting writing! I loved it! Bravo!
9/7/2016 c6 xxx Rob M xxx
See, I'll accept that ending only because I know part three of this storyline will be coming out someday...No one would be evil enough to come back after all these years only to drop the story again.

Project Horizon...I like it. Its a bit out there, but not so much that it dosnt fit the context of the show.

Actually really liked the way the county sheriff put one over on the SWAT team that was clearly not a SWAT team. He was only in the one scene, but I kinda dig that character just for that...well done

...once again, thank you for coming back to this story after so much time has passed. Im looking forward to the next arc...keep it up
8/26/2016 c6 9fezzywhigg
Snap! What a cool ending...to part two ;) I'm glad you added that. Lovely twists and turns. Thanks for writing.
8/23/2016 c6 wilf21
Really well worth waiting for, thank you. I'm guessing Chuck is still out there. Maybe you'll come back and tell us some time soon? I really hope so.
8/23/2016 c6 2baldcoder
Great chapter! I am really enjoying this series. I hope there is a part 3 in the works!?
8/23/2016 c6 Garnetflint
Wow there was a lot going on in this chapter. I'm going with Chuck not being as badly off as suspected, but can't wait to see how Sarah ...we won't hate you if you update soon...
8/23/2016 c6 Hronos47
Yay second part done, lets hope we get 3 part end by 2020. :D
But seriously great chapter, will hold on to the "torch of hope" that the swat member who shot him was Casey and Chuck survived. And it seems that Chuck flashes are like intersect 2.0 where he forgets the information. Liked more the part where he remembers it.
And it is nice to see that a story which was left unattended for so long got a continuation. IF only other great stories would have that kind of happy ending ;(
8/23/2016 c6 Deathzbreath
Holy hell what an update. Well the proverbial shit is hitting the fan here! Can't wait to see what you have in store next sir!
6/4/2016 c5 ChuckAddiction
I read and enjoyed Hidden File Command and this story through Ch4 some time ago, but had reluctantly concluded from the date of the last post that this was one of those stories that was destined not to be continued... Very happy to find I was wrong!
6/2/2016 c5 xxx Rob M xxx
Wow..okay..wow. I remember reading this when I first stumbled onto the Chuck stories here, so Im honestly pretty pumped to see this update after so long.

Actually went back and re-read the story from the beginning, and Id forgotten, despite the heaviness of the plot, just how funny this was. The quipping these characters throw around had me chuckling through the whole thing.

Did I misread, or have you altered how the intersect works since the original run of chapters. Before it seemed like Chuck got the information flashes and he kept them permanently, now you seem to have it more in line with Intersect 2.0 (I actually kind of like it the first way myself). Either way, its always fun to see Chuck being awesome

Feeling like, despite the fact that Bryce was obviously trying to get Ellie to focus, for everyones sake, in a really dangerous situation...a threat like that may deserve a bit of a warning from Chuck about not talking to his sister that way.

Looking forward to the Ellie/Sarah confrontation...sounds like theres a bit of a story there.

Finally, thank you and welcome back...please, please, please dont disappear again for 8 years, I need to see how this story ends :-)
5/31/2016 c5 27Doc in Oz
Oh. Dear. Lord. I must have read this when I first discovered ChuckFF (I think ne71 recommended you). And it was in those heady, early days that I read, and then lost this story. As I was new, I was not much of a reviewer, but this was definitely one of the stand-out earlier stories.

I am so glad you have returned. I am even gladder that you haven’t lost a step, despite a prolonged absence. Thank you for letting me rediscover this, and even more so for continuing such a well-crafted tale. I can SEE the characters as if it were on the show – always the measure of a great fic.
5/31/2016 c5 Deathzbreath
So happy to see an update! Glad you survived the degree, marriage and car crash and hope you are doing good now. Really great story you have going here, thank you for not abandoning it!
5/31/2016 c5 Garnetflint
First off, great to see that work continues on this saga. I have enjoyed reading this and the whole team getting together (except Casey ) is great fun. Your ending of the chapter was really nice... Chuck waving at the guy in the van really nice touch.
I hope you will update soon.
5/30/2016 c5 3Nomadic Nerd
WOW! Hope is still alive! Thanks for not forgetting your fans (and not making us wait three more years, lol!)! I really like where this is going. Loved Ellie's feistiness, although could've done without her slugging Sarah. Of course Ellie didn't know the Sarah let Chuck go instead of killing him. It would be interesting to work Casey into this somehow. Hopefully, now that your creative juices are flowing you'll be able to update this by 2017, lol!

Seriously, I really enjoy this story and appreciate your efforts.
5/30/2016 c5 9fezzywhigg
I'm just. waiting to find out yt? he guy in the SUV is Casey. Great chapter.
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