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7/21/2010 c3 25Eternal Density
This is fun! I hope you get a chance to continue this series some time!

Stay safe,

1/10/2010 c3 Liberius
Hmm... interesting. I hope to see more.
7/23/2009 c3 NickyR
WOW! This was even better! I am so glad that he contacted sarah :)
6/30/2009 c3 10William Ashbless
Great story! Thanks!
5/27/2009 c3 awelle
This story is unbelievably great. I can´t believe I haven´t read it before. Your characters are spot-on. I especially appreciate how layered you portrayed Anna and Devon. That´s rarely done that good.

Also it´s really nice to have Bryce join the team. I kind of miss him after the finale. I can´t wait to find out, how the rescue Ellie mission plays out.

I hope you are well and have to time to write again soon. Thank you so much for sharing.
4/30/2009 c3 12breezyyy
really enjoy this series! hope to hear more soon
4/8/2009 c3 4Fire From Above
I'm really happy for everyone reuniting. I wonder how Bryce is feeling about the team.
4/8/2009 c2 Fire From Above
Nice reunion. I'm really hoping they can pull it off.
4/8/2009 c1 Fire From Above
It's nice to see Chuck so accustomed to being on the run.
4/6/2009 c3 9tshdow
I had to reread the whole thing. I hope you update this soon. Thanks for the update.
4/3/2009 c3 2jagged1
I love this series - so glad to see you are back at it!

Poor Chuck, lol, he just does not get any respect - it was funny to see Sarah come to his defense. I like how you brought everyone into the fold; of course Bryce would think that this is a ragtag version of an operations team, and maybe he is right, but it is a great set up for the mission and some fun.

4/3/2009 c3 shinecsc
OMG! soo cool! please update sooner!
4/2/2009 c3 canuck09
I just caught up with this series and I'm really enjoying it. Great job with this chapter, it moved the story along nicely and it was also entertaining (Sarah knowing exactly why Chuck picked out his weapon of choice was great). I can't wait to see what's in store for Team Bartowski, keep up the great work!
4/2/2009 c3 4The DeadMan666
Great to see more of this. Can't wait, please update soon!
4/1/2009 c3 20ne71
Holy bejeezus. It was a long, long, wait, but this chapter was totally worth it.

First of all, welcome back. I'm glad you're in one piece, and hope peace reigns on Earth so that you never have to leave again.

Now, on to the fun stuff. This is fantastic. I loved the recurring bit with Devon, Anna, and Morgan talking about how they finally understood how Chuck could get a girl like Sarah. Also loved Chuck and Devon's strange look after Sarah's "Damn skippy." And I really loved Morgan begging Chuck to let them help after Anna reveals that hacking gets her hot.

This story has been pure genius so far, and I hope for frequent updates. This is such a great direction to take the whole Intersect mythology, and I hope we get to see a lot of Chuck's new abilities present themselves in this installment.

Great work, and great to have you back.
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