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for Wringer Alternate ending

10/28/2014 c1 Human
Amazing! You captured the feeling the author gives you perfectly!
10/7/2013 c1 11sunshineg9
Nice and I couldn't find a section for them either. I had to type it in the search box!
8/15/2011 c1 Darked Haired California Girl
Really cool story how do youvask for a secrion really cool you got the pigion to talk
8/30/2010 c1 2Shy Rebel
I liked the new ending. not many people have read wringer so i was surprised tht some1 wrote a story about ir. awesome! GO HENERY!
10/31/2008 c1 Donna
You can email the site mods and make a request to add a category for this story. Look around the site and they should have somewhere you can do that.

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