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for I Could be Your Angel

4/3/2009 c4 harleyQdoll
omg, i love this fic!

you just have to continue :]

plz do, its really good! :D

i felt what harley was feeling in that moment,

i would've done the same thing.

oh and your take on harley is pretty good =D
12/21/2008 c4 8EmperorJoker09
I wuv fluffy Joker!

Great job, I'm sure he will get his sadistic side in real soon.
11/27/2008 c3 rastarabbit
Good chapter! I like how you're building the suspense-can't wait for next update!1
11/27/2008 c3 rotten
O, devilish Mr. J! Nicely written-update soon!
11/27/2008 c3 EmperorJoker09
Aw Joker misses his girl! That's cute...even if it wasnt supposed to be I LIKE IT!
11/8/2008 c2 rastarabbit
I'm liking the way this starts, you should definitely continue! I have no preconceived notions about Harley, so however you take the character is great with me.
11/5/2008 c2 EmperorJoker09
I like the way you are starting the story!

Please continue, I love it so far~~
10/30/2008 c1 1Redjackpirate
Its not bad, not bad at all!-I like it, please continue soon!-JAc (aka, your fellow MCRmy member-yeah, I KNOW you KNOW!):D

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