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11/11/2008 c1 A Fair Amount of Strife

AH! !
11/11/2008 c1 1VaynexArabella4ever
wow this seems so interesting :)

keep up the good work :D
11/11/2008 c3 6CheshireCatwoman
This is great! I love the suspense at the end...will Namine be all right? Will she share the infirmary with Roxas and figure out there's something wrong with him? Will Vexen make the antidote in time? Will Xigbar find any DNA? Oh, the agony of waiting for the next chapter!
11/11/2008 c3 4Ocean's Nocturne of the COCA
Heh heh heh...oh, the ebilness! But why was Nami being so quiet in the first place?

Keep writing!

11/11/2008 c3 14shadowxs160
Very nice story, I love Roxas. Keep it up.
11/11/2008 c3 kit572
Dunno what to write...I think the only thing I can say is that I like reading your story and can`t wait for next chapter^^.
11/11/2008 c3 2XxSadakoxX
very interesting... update please
11/4/2008 c2 6Maple Story of Anime of COCA
Good job! I'm happy you updated, it's a good read. Excpet, I swear, when I was reading the first, like, half of it, I had the strongest impression that Roxas died (although I knew he didn't) because of Axel's negative thoughts...

My point is that...That part was either very creative, or that Axel is a worry wart, whereas the latter seems..off...to me for some reason.

Ahem, anyway...

Snappy!Roxas is awesome...!

11/3/2008 c2 20Crazysnakelover
Right now T seems fine. and as far a language goes it depends on how heavy it is.

Please continue
11/2/2008 c1 6Maple Story of Anime of COCA
...**enters a mad fit of giggles**


I liked this and I really want to know where its going!

A word of advice though, try to fit the paragraphs together: it'll add to the -drama-!

Lol, k, sorry, it's 9:28 and i've already had suger~~!

11/1/2008 c1 Af
please update. I really want to know what happens. ^_^
11/1/2008 c1 20DearlyBeloved-13
I love this! I really really want to know what happens next.

Poor Roxy...

11/1/2008 c1 6CheshireCatwoman
Hey, this looks like it'll be good! It has a nice writer's voice and the plot moves at just the right speed.
11/1/2008 c1 20twilightwrites
Very interesting macabre fic; however, I think there could have been more action. Other than that, I'm feeling the looming darkness of this fic.
11/1/2008 c1 20Crazysnakelover
oh please please please continue, I want to know what happens
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