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1/1 c21 MyAssForYou
Dude please don't disappear again.
11/27/2017 c21 buddy
When did you restart this fic?
11/22/2017 c21 Nombredeusuario
I can't help but notice how literally no one comments how Naruto only haves one eye, and thats weird asf.

Also you put the ability to copy kekkei genkai to the side, he didnt even noticed Haku one, I'm guessing you will only use it in "cool" or ones that you like, but thats not realistic, also why didnt Naruto use Kurama cloak? I mean he used it when he was 8 and now he suddenly forgot all about it.

It is a fun read but the story have alot of holes. You're making Naruto weaker just because, I'm guessing cuz you dont want him being godlike, but with a power like his theres just no other way to go.
10/31/2017 c21 3Tachi Kagahara
It's been so long. I can't wait to see where you finally take us. Please update again soon.
10/24/2017 c5 Doctor Dandy
Exiled? That would be nice. Then he could try to be happy somewhere else.
10/24/2017 c2 Doctor Dandy
"You can't be angry at him for that"

Give me a good reason why.
10/8/2017 c21 christopherrhaydon
Please update ASAP:)!
10/4/2017 c1 Naru285
hurry with the next chapters!
10/4/2017 c21 ThePhenoix11
This is kinda getting bad you turned Naruto ino sasgay and kept sasgay... Like who do we root for? Useless Sakura? This story has no hero because you took the hero and turned him into an asshole with no emotion besides anger and no personality besides "rawr I hate everything" like I'm struggling to find something good to say about the story but you crippled Naruto turned him into a dick made everyone hate him took his glory on the bridge and gave it to sasgay, is sasgay the main charater now? Because if you were just fanboing it then I'll know to move onto another story.
10/1/2017 c21 guest
please continue i like your story it great
10/1/2017 c21 Raambaaa
Stumbled upon this fic a few months ago I've been hoping for a update. Good fic you got going please keep it up.
10/1/2017 c1 1Blackhearth75
I can literally go watch the anime chapter and it wouldn't make a difference, why didn't you skip this part if it was gonna be just cannon?...
4/14/2017 c19 10Wolfone10
Why is it SO DARN hard for authors to realize that the curse mark IS IMPOSSIBLE to place on naruto with the kyuubi in him? It's even STATED that jinchuriki are IMMUNE to it, I mean even the TOAD ELDERS (they guys can be beat the stuffing out of jirya and turn the snake into a PAIR OF BOOTS easily. EVEN they CANNOT bond with naruto because of the kyuubi! It WON"T ALLOW anything in!
4/13/2017 c18 Wolfone10
"He knew that as a chunnin you had to know more then your average shinobi"... Well that's a lie, ONE WORD... Mizuki... That dumb dumb was stupider then most, got the crap beat out of him by an ACADEMY student, and TRUSTED orochimaru, even KNOWING his rep. See? It CANNOT be as difficult to become a chunnin as this part of the story suggests(mizuki, the gate guards and even Iruka would NEVER HAVE MADE IT!)

Again, with everyone is scared of him... BUT AGAIN, He's done NOTHING to warrant said fear... That's SO STUPID, how can these people even BEGIN to call themselves warriors and assassins and ninja IF THEIR ALL SPOOKED BY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?! They ALL remind me of the "cowardly lion" on the wizard of oz... ALL of them should be wishing for a little "courage". Emotionless is NOT scary, if it was, then hinata wouldn't be able to STAND being around shino! Also you don't seem to have her CARING that said "nicest person in the world" IS MAIMED NOW! It AMAZES me that your having EVERYONE just brush aside the fact that a LITTLE BOY had HIS EYE CARVED OUT! Do you have any idea what kind of CHAOS that would cause in ANY but a BRAIN-DEAD, COMPLETELY MORONIC place?

I also still don't get why naruto doesn't activate one of his eye powers, UNDERNEATH his bandage... I mean he can see through fabric... SOOOOO..What's the problem? And if it's the tired old "He doesn't want to rely on it"... that's CRAP... ALL nins rely on their bloodlines... sasuke and itachi are nearly POWERLESS without theirs... The Hyuuga (ALL hyuuga) rely, NO DEPEND on their eyes.. Pein IS powerless without the rinnegan, Konan is WORTHLESS without her paper. dederia is just a CROSS-dresser without his clay, hiden and kakkasu would ALREADY be dead. Same with zetsu. When someone has a bloodline, they HONE it, simply because without that EDGE, all they are is garden variety nins that do everything that EVERYONE ELSE can do to. I mean look at the breaks in the rule.. Lee.. He's fast, but HE'S GOTTA BE, any MORON can throw a punch or a kick! In a world of superpowers that just isn't going to CUT IT. I hate it when stories try to make naruto into a brawler, that is SUCH A WASTE of potential.
4/13/2017 c17 Wolfone10
Actually no need to tone down naruto's "crazy" as he hasn't DONE anything "crazy" except make threats he never lives up to, and stare at people (ooohhhh so scary). Oh and keep spacing out and going into total TERROR PANIC ATTACKS! Kinda tough to be scared of someone who keeps zoning out in terror over his own shadow!

And once AGAIN nobody notices kabuto has taken the exams SEVEN TIMES and has info that NO GENNIN should have. No alarms set off with nobody, talk about your COMPLETE IDIOTS! I know in canon Naruto is SUPPOSED to be the dumb one, but to me EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE VILLAGE are utter morons! The third hokage and even Tsunade are about as useful as the captain was on the titanic, The jounin and clan heads are UTTERLY blind and gulable. (which should have killed them off LONG AGO). And for some odd reason a bunch of civilians so OLD they probably can't even wipe their own butts can yell at a kage and he/she, for reasons unfathomable, take it. They have pee-poor security, get intimidated by invaders and bullied into doing what they say. It's no wonder "genius" is thrown around so often, all you have to do is have AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE! (which this group talking to kabuto, is OBVIOUSLY NOT).

Also, if the one guy's face was on naruto's entrance form, and it went straight from hokage, to kakkashi to naruto, then it stands to reason, ONE of them KNOWS who the guy is and APPROVES of what he's done, I put the blame on the kage, because 1 he DIDN'T give an announcement YEARS AGO, like he told everyone he would, 2. Naruto already described the man and the hokage has DONE NOTHING. I just don't get WHY he would WANT a psychotic jinchuriki. (especially the son of the yellow flash and the last uzumaki... The fox just DOESN'T MATTER THAT MUCH)
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