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23h c35 Sophia
Oh my! Are they going to proceed with this plan? Can’t wait to read more!
9/18 c35 10TsukiyoTenshi
Dude, you came back and with a bang at that! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!
9/13 c35 Jinx095
Yes! So happy that you have updated! Great chapter and I’m very excited to read more. I am so so ready for Harry to discover that Sirius is back and for him to get a reality check!
9/7 c35 Ana
What a story! I came across it by chance and I was not disappointed once. Although I would love to read the sequel as soon as possible. You took me through various emotional stages. I laughed, cried, feared for our beloved protagonists - Hermione, Ted and Sirius - and enjoyed myself. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a fanfic so much. You really do have a lot of talent. The letters in the previous chapter really upset me. It's so sad to hear that Lily was pregnant, she felt something was going to happen and I loved the part where James asks Sirius to find a good girl with substance xD. Reg's letter was particularly moving, especially as he poured out emotions in it that he must have shown very little of being a Black man. As for Queudver's, it made me hate the character even more. What a scumbag! Just because he made fun of him when they were young. It's despicable to want to make Sirius suffer like that. I can't wait to hear if you're going to marry Sirius and Hermione to help them keep custody of poor Ted. Oh yes, I almost forgot, although the romance comes a bit quickly. I think you're doing it really well. With everything that's going on, I think the attachment between Sirius and Hermione seems very natural.
9/7 c35 Guest
Great read!
9/4 c35 Brene
Squeal! Sigh! Oh my! This chapter was fantastic! The cliffhanger is *chef’s kiss*. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story today.

Thank you to the author for continuing the story several years after it was originally published. The author’s commitment to the story has inspired me to return to a story of my own that I’ve not updated. I’ll log in later to add this story to my alerts and favorites.

- Bren Gail
9/4 c34 Brene
This was such a loaded, emotional chapter. Wow. Those letters. That cliffhanger. Wow.
9/4 c33 Brene
Awesome chapter! The letter from Draco and cliffhanger is ominous. I look forward to reading the next chapters that are already posted. I’m sad to near the end of the chapters available. This is a wonderful story.
9/4 c32 Brene
Woah! Wow! This story is fantastic. This chapter was suspenseful.
9/4 c31 Brene
Ginny and Ron’s meal ticket is about to be worth much less once Sirius gets his vaults back. I love how Teddy is portrayed in this story. All of the characters, really.
9/4 c30 Brene
The BIGGEST cliffhanger in this chapter thus far! Harry is going to be livid! I can’t wait until Sirius and Ron meet up in this story. Or, Ron and the Malfoys.
9/4 c29 Brene
Beautifully written. This story contains the very best consistent cliffhangers I’ve ever read.
9/4 c28 Brene
Heartbreakingly bittersweet.
9/4 c27 Brene
Oh wow! That would be the memory they would show him first.
9/4 c26 Brene
Loved this chapter. Lucius being protective in his way, Draco being protective in his way, and Sirius being disciplined for what he did. I love the idea of him watching their memories of what they and Hermione had gone through.
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