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for Halo Dominon War

8/26/2015 c14 2tburns1995
Slight Beta thing here, the combined Federation/Klingon fleet is 591 ships, not 341 like you wrote

Sorry if this hits a nerve, but you miscalculated
8/20/2014 c3 darkfinder
wow that was fast .
8/20/2014 c2 darkfinder
short chapter . they lost few worlds I guess ,
8/20/2014 c1 darkfinder
INTERESTING WAY change the battle fun none the less .
2/28/2013 c24 DarkOne
This story is nothing but a description of how hard the main factions in the Halo game would curbstomp the Dominion if everything went their way.

You've turned the Covenant and the UNSC into Mary Sues in this story.

Even the numbers for the Dominion forces are on the extremely conservative side (the main strength of the Dominion military is that they can mass produce ships and soldiers in vast numbers very quickly).
1/3/2013 c24 Turkey of borg
My guess is that you're a fanboy of halo looking how you always make the battles a curbstomp for Halo characters (e.I. Borg vs UNSC UNSC). I have a request, make a WH40k vs halo just to see if you are reasonable when it comes to "vs fan fiction"
2/5/2011 c24 orionastro
verry good, what will happend next.?
1/13/2011 c24 1Lord Arlian
While I liked Star Trek Combat Evolved I felt this story lacked heart.This story seemed to be more about the technology than the charactors.There was no charactor developement at all. If you want a great story you have to make the readers care about the charactors.
11/29/2010 c24 ShadowCub
8/29/2010 c3 9hot dog285
ten pelicans can drop off half a company (150 for half, 300 for one) in a single trip, not a division (15000+)
7/20/2010 c5 2The Hidden Sith
Good story overall...but I would like to point out that Covenant Slipspace drives travel at 2000 Lightyears a day and Halo-verse plasma weapons are rated in the gigatons and terratons. So it would seem logical that the UNSC would use this technology.

Good story and hope to see a sequel.
4/16/2009 c24 7Sharnorasian Empire
Man you are GOOD, I love it


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