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for Midnight Margaritas

8/5/2016 c13 2M.S.Carol
well done! this chapter again was sweet between those two. He really is putting his heart on the line.
8/5/2016 c12 M.S.Carol
that was sweet to see his support with her it was lovely. Good to see that he cares for her like an equal. so refreshing
8/4/2016 c2 M.S.Carol
definitely was good to hear her punch him.
love hearing him mumble things to himself
1/15/2016 c18 8Sassyvampmama
Thank you for sharing this.
10/12/2015 c18 MiccaF
7/22/2015 c18 1B4bidden
Loved this story so much
3/14/2015 c18 Vwchick
Loved this story :-) and I don't normally go for the AH ones, but this one I loved! Your Jasper was amazing! Thank you for posting ;-)
8/20/2014 c18 1Holidai
This was a delightful story. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.
5/30/2014 c18 avavey
Well, it's been a while since I have read an All Human story, but nevertheless this is such a great story! I am currently liking the Jasper/Bella pairing and this story just gave me more reason to do so!

I love it how you don't bash Alice or Edward in this story, she's just the ex that has moved on and Edward was just the ex who's still hung up on her. Not too much complication and totally loved the lemons.. hehe

I'll be sure to put this story under my favorites.

But overall this is a simple story but written greatly, love it, keep up the good work and looking forward to read your other stories!

3/22/2014 c18 chanur
Loved your story and the couple you formed. Thanks
3/22/2014 c2 chanur
Excellent chapter.
2/18/2014 c18 Inlovewithjazz
This was a great story, I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
2/18/2014 c10 Inlovewithjazz
I'm not big on writing reviews but I just wanted to say I am really enjoying this story. It's putting a big goofy smile on my face! Thanks
12/17/2013 c11 LadaHathaway
The story is amazing!
9/26/2013 c18 babygirl2928259
loved it
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