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for Crush: Uke Ichigo Collection

3/20 c1 Guest
I found you 15 years ago and I’m still re-reading ;)
12/6/2022 c27 Guest
hope you update the story's that was never update.
10/19/2021 c85 Tazbird
Awesome job
7/24/2020 c1 sadisttrash
I know that you’ll never see this or never be active probably, I just wanna say I really love your writing! Even tho I haven’t watch bleach completely yet,It made me ship Ichigo with everyone~,I really thank you for writing all these amazing fanfics and one-shots it inspired me to write more and make my own original ever you are I hope your doing well and your health is getting better. :)
7/9/2020 c27 Guest
7/9/2020 c26 Guest
7/9/2020 c18 Guest
E separetely
4/4/2020 c27 jinnie54
yes its cuteeeeee
4/4/2020 c11 jinnie54
your stories is absolutely amazing seriously and ichigo being the uke is da best!
4/4/2020 c2 jinnie54
yup i enjoy it very much!
2/20/2020 c16 CaitiAthena
... and now I ship these two, I think these two would be really sweet together
9/14/2019 c13 1LukasChisDeans
His name is actually Noba. Not Nova
1/28/2019 c36 Guest
How is it that you have ichigo x Tosen but no ichigo x mayuri
1/18/2019 c1 Guest
Rukia is a bitch
12/27/2018 c1 Guest
Summary on the day after misaki death anniversary isshin would force ichigo into crossdressing in her clothing to relive the moment
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