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6/3/2009 c1 22azab
i liked it
3/16/2009 c1 16JenBurch
*gasps* Dean? Dean! DEAN! *climbs through the computer screen and shakes him hard* Wake up!

Oh no! What did you do to Dean? Help him! Pretty please?

Oh no!
12/23/2008 c1 77sweetysmart0505
Oh, that was very good!
11/23/2008 c1 annette
drabbles are too short
11/14/2008 c1 6lovinandrew
Aww Poor Dean lol Love the way he says his brain instead of his head.
11/9/2008 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
OOHH MY GOD HUN! this was awesome! OMG!




i would love to read more! really great peice!

11/7/2008 c1 72Angelustatt
There's so much story here that has me wondering what was happening in your head at the time, mate. That was excellant Dean!hurt...but it was only hurt, right? He was okay later? You can tell me... my lips are sealed. LOL

Awesome as always, mate. *HUGS*
11/7/2008 c1 12NC Girl
hm... very interesting! Just enough information to leave us wondering but still strong enough to stand on it's own. Nice job.
11/6/2008 c1 91Muffy Morrigan
Uh-did you know this just ended? Did you want to fix that? Cause I need to know what happened. Don't make me send my cliffie demon over to get you! Seriously good stuff, sis!

Five Impalas freshly waxed, lovingly detailed and free of blood.
11/6/2008 c1 45Thru Terry's Eyes
Yours are always so nice. Mad server wants me to play this to. Should I?
11/5/2008 c1 bia1007
You definitely did it again, think about this scene a lot and I love it! Very precise sketch of this relationship, their deep affection always perceptible – really would like to read a longer version of this, grand one!
11/5/2008 c1 52Onyx Moonbeam
Never good when they don't know how they got there. Also usually a bad sign, covered in blood!
11/5/2008 c1 110Enkidu07
This is Screaming for a continuation! I almost pushed the laptop right off the bed. You have my attention.
11/5/2008 c1 50J.A. Carlton
Oh! intriguing... there's someone Dean couldn't charm?

bery bery inderestink


11/5/2008 c1 143PADavis
Thanks for the Python nod! "my brain hurts!" - love the gumbies. And lots of blood. Yum.

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