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for Children of Man

1/29/2020 c30 Black Fungus
Then Cass gets blown to bits! Thanks for this story.
1/29/2020 c13 Black Fungus
I liked this chapter. It is funnier in the aftermath. Yep, calling someone a whore is not nice. Thank you.
9/21/2017 c30 5OminousKitten
Wow. Wonderfully well-written story. You absolutely nailed the characters, especially Cas's voice. This could have been an episode. I love how truly you portrayed Cas's original relationship with Sam and Dean, and how that evolved through the story, as well as the brothers' relationship. Castiel's hang up over the mangling of his name and his constant canon-worthy literal interpretations were hilarious. Excellent job!
7/12/2017 c29 waitingforAslan
I really enjoyed the story. Earnest, literal, awkward Castiel is so funny! I love how, despite his stern disapproval, he can't get the Winchesters to stop calling him Cas. Cas's response to Sam using his power was intense - poor Sam - and I was touched in this chapter when Cas found Sam in a church, then sad to see Sam so resigned to being a damned soul. My favorite part of all was Sam's reaction to Cas threatening to throw Dean back in hell. When I first watched that episode, I was chilled when Cas said that. It's like Dean to brush it off as you had him say to Sam in this fic, but it WAS a terrifying and horrible thing to say and I love angry, protective Sam defending his brother.
1/14/2017 c11 Guest
This is so great, I reread it as soon as I completed it!
2/29/2016 c30 Sallyannerenee
Love this story. Glad that Cas eventually became friends with Sam, as he did distrust him at the start.
2/29/2016 c12 Sallyannerenee
Apparently Dean forgot to tell Sam about praying not to be an angel vessel. Lucky for Dean.
2/13/2016 c30 I3Castiel
This was really good. You captured the characters really well. It felt just like a real spn episode
1/13/2016 c29 110LeeMarieJack
It is nice to think that perhaps this battle helped make Castiel more aware of Sam and Sam's problems. Castiel should take responsibility for protecting both Winchesters. They did not get to choose the paths they follow.
1/13/2016 c27 LeeMarieJack
Go Castiel, go. I think you owe Sam big time. Don't be a bigot.
1/13/2016 c22 LeeMarieJack
San and Cas really do have trust problems, don't they?
1/13/2016 c19 LeeMarieJack
It is very confusing for Castiel to not only be limited to human powers but also to be involved in a process that most humans would consider insane. Difficulties piled on difficulties for the poor Angel of the Lord.
1/13/2016 c17 LeeMarieJack
Castiel went on walk about and scared the Winchesters. It would be upsetting to lose your Angel like that
1/13/2016 c12 LeeMarieJack
Welcome to Earth, Angel. Is he really going to get picked up by a girl in a bar? This I have to watch.
1/13/2016 c11 LeeMarieJack
Poor Angel of the Lord. They just don't prepare you in Heaven for Pizza and cokes do they?
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