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for 6 Hearts: Vincent & Yuffie

6/28/2012 c3 16StyxxsOmega
Very funny. Please write more.
8/4/2011 c3 Anon
Haha thr's so cute.
11/9/2008 c1 9AshmandaLC
hee hee! so funny! cid was always so cool! XD update soon!
11/9/2008 c1 10Kiariad
Really nicely done. I'm kinda on a compliment low, so just sing your own praises in your head for about ten minutes, m'kay?
11/7/2008 c1 40lynn.reist
Short, but very sweet. I'm particularly partial to the use of external characters to validate Yuffie and Vincent's relationship (because the two of them are so emotionally stunted that to express it themselves is often difficult to do without them seeming out of character in situations around their friends) and I think you did that exact thing here, brilliantly.

As for con-crit, I can't say that i have any, seeing as drabbles are specifically that; and although I would love to see this expanded into a one-shot, that kind of defeats the drabble purpose, now doesn't it.

I'm really glad you've chose to set up your drabbles like this too, it gives me something to look forward to while I'm waiting for the next five! Good luck with your stories, and keep up the good work.

11/7/2008 c1 2doom-eagle
Sterling effort, my fiend ('r' omitted on purpose).

Looking forward to the next instalment.

HOLD ME, FRANCIS! (In joke.)
11/7/2008 c1 23serenbach
Aw, that's really cute! I liked the drunkenly wise Cid. This is a really nice idea :)

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