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for The Legend of Spyro Eternal Love

4/5/2009 c12 9undertaker99999
its great, keep up the good work and update soon
3/29/2009 c12 lines22
I'de usually say go for a prologue then a sequel nice ending.
3/28/2009 c11 lines22
I thought it was pretty good. although I think it could use less talking more action.
3/17/2009 c11 Speedy
Wow that is a great way to keep a story goin. Can't wait to see what happens next
3/13/2009 c10 lines22
Hurry it up man I hate suspense.
3/7/2009 c10 Mark
Woow awesome way to make it seem like spyro is dead but still update the story already!
2/21/2009 c1 14maranic
2/20/2009 c10 shan
good story hurry up and make more chapters
2/17/2009 c10 Flyder the Dragon
I'm not really good with violent fics. I just write romantic ones.
2/17/2009 c10 1unleash the dragon within you
erm very nice, lets hope cynder can free spyro before anything bad cud happen.cya
2/17/2009 c10 23The Final Lament
good story, but there is no such thing as a short katana, traditionally there are 4 blades of similar style the longer katana, the shorter wakazashi, the dagger sized tanto, and the longest of the samurai blades the dai-katana
2/16/2009 c9 6Mickey6
Please update.
2/5/2009 c9 jman95
I really loved your story man. Try and hurry with the next cahpter
1/29/2009 c9 Micksun the dragon
I just whanna say that I loved you're story from the first chapter.I hope you finnish chapter 10 soon.Good luck in writing :)!
1/27/2009 c9 1grvest
still a good story also you were right about SOC it's a good story
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