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for The Legend of Spyro Eternal Love

1/19/2009 c3 A non-member
I thought the last chapter was great. I was surprised at that fact too, usually stories this good get a ton of reviews.
1/16/2009 c2 Flamrok
Hm, very nice story. The only problem is you forget some words, and some of the other words are misspelled, so thats something you could work on. The fight between Malefor and Spyro was great. Later bro, and update soon!

1/5/2009 c8 1grvest
i don't see anything wrong with it i haven't read secrets of convexity yet cause i keep putting it off but i say keep going i bet people didn't read because like half of them were gone then again i just found this place about a week ago so who knows still keep going i don't know if you can check but i figure alot of people read it but not many reviewed still really good story
1/1/2009 c5 23The Final Lament

Chromius fired a stream of quicksilver onto a zek. The quicksilver hardened and encased the zek in silver

quicksilver is another name for mercury so this makes no sense
12/31/2008 c8 1unleash the dragon within you
oh black mail hate to be spyro lets hope he finds a way out of that i dont hav a idea myself so make a gud one an i cant wait to spyro to kill him he his a anoying...person keep it up.cya
12/30/2008 c8 11Ryft Darkpaw
you know, i think i have to disagree with you. it seems to sound more like Numb than Secrets of Convexity. You should read that one, it's epic. but anyways, on to the review. It was good, but it seemed slightly rushed. lots happened really fast and i had a hard time keeping track of it all. a quick suggestion; when you change perspectives or time periods, add a line of dashes or asterisks to show a break in the line. it helps separate and divide the sections into more manageable bits. that's all i got though so,

Laters! -Ryft
12/30/2008 c8 8Aduro Tri
its good...i don't have many comments right now...

~the Dragon of the hill~
12/29/2008 c7 1grvest
realy great realy realy great though i don't like that you killed off the guardians it added a good drama to the whole work so far and the fact that spyro is constantly stuggling against his own powers is great iv'e got to say the only thing i can think that would make this better so far is if cynder is given convexity too
12/29/2008 c2 grvest
great story so far i'm not done reading but i thought i should mention that the leg armor are called greaves and that the shoulder armor are called pauldrons i don't know whether or not you want to know but i felt i should mention it incase you use armor in more stories
12/28/2008 c7 11Ryft Darkpaw
*exhales held breath* phew, you had me going there for a minute...good work my friend, i'm sorry but i don't have much to say at the moment

Laters! -Ryft
12/19/2008 c6 Ryft Darkpaw
very nice, i'm liking where this is going still, lol. though i'm in a good mood today, i don't have much to say. keep it up and can't wait for more!

12/19/2008 c6 8Aduro Tri
the name for the chapter seems really familiar "the Temple of time" ...that kind of scares me...but if you are going to write a lemon scene (which i recommend that you at least try) check out the Stories "Give in to the Night" and "the secrets of Convexity + the Night of the Spirit Moon (which is a oneshot lemon connected with the story)"

Good luck with your future work ~the Dragon of the Hill~
12/18/2008 c5 Aduro Tri
I hope you Update soon, and have some "Dirty" conduct, Please...i hope to continue to read this story
12/18/2008 c2 The Dragon of the hill
(i'm too lazy to log in right now) your story is good...i like it
12/15/2008 c5 Genobee
plaes finish this story its well written.
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