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for The Legend of Spyro Eternal Love

12/11/2008 c5 21Peaceful Dragon Rose
good chapter
12/6/2008 c5 11Ryft Darkpaw
beforei give my personal thoughts i have an observation and a question. first of, it was a good chapter but it reminds me of Given-Inside's "My Own Executioner" just slightly, and in reverse...sorta. Second, why is it always fish? in every pyro story i've read that names the food, there's fish. i have done it, Given's done it, and a few others. lol.

now for my opinions. Thank GOD that prick firecurse is dead, though i wish chromius wasn't...i liked him. nice sappy ending but it's understandable. continue to push yourself to get better my friend, and if you need any help or want an editor, or anything, zip me a line. anything i can do to help a fellow writer. hoping to hear from you soon!

Laters! -Ryft
11/27/2008 c4 Ryft Darkpaw
VERY nice, still keeping spyro out of the dark i see...i REALLY don't like firecurse, he's just that kinda dragon...i guess, either way, keep it up and good job on this one.

That's all i got, Laters! -Ryft
11/23/2008 c3 Ryft Darkpaw
good good, i like where thi is going, except for firecurse of course...he doesn't seem right to me, i don't know...probably just the fanboy in me again, but something about him seems off...

keep it up and can't wait for more -Ryft
11/23/2008 c2 Ryft Darkpaw
this is turning out better than i had expected and i'm glad to see it improving. the plot is unique among the many stories(for the most part) and i can't wait until you add the fourth chapter.
11/9/2008 c1 Ryft Darkpaw
good, good, can't wait for more. i just have one question, are those humans of the Samurai variety? their honorable suicide sounds like something from that tradition. just wondering.

peace out
11/9/2008 c1 8RedDragonX
Ha...I see a lot of little things from certain other pieces of literature lol..but it's excellent. A few little grammar mistakes here and there...and you might want to consider breaking apart scenes that are taking place apart from each other. Other then that it's all good man. Keep writting!
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