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for Three people who fell for Katara

10/30/2017 c1 Guest
9/23/2015 c1 SoundScream
6/23/2011 c1 17SnoopyGirl213
I think thats a pretty good summary of those feelings
6/26/2009 c1 48xxpatixx
ahh that was realy good..
2/21/2009 c1 39eyecanread
Very nice. I love all the different perspectives.

I did a piece similar to this a few years ago. But that one was Sokka based, and more introspective than romantic.

Again, good job on this. I liked it. 8D
11/22/2008 c1 19MoonClaimed
This was cute but also insightful. I wasn't expecting Aang's to be quite like that (lol). I think it was a nice touch to have the fourth drabble under "Katara" too.
11/10/2008 c1 20JESUSFREAK-And-Proud-Of-It
This was...how can I put it?...nice. There are much, MUCH better words to describe it, but it's two in the morning and I am practically delirious so I'll just say this: I like how you progress from beginning to end in relative chronological order and I liked how you expanded the canon along those lines... Man, I can't believe Katara's got so many darn ships! I mean I like her as a character, but holy milk, she's got SO MANY of them! As good as this fic was, it doesn't even BEGIN to cover all the hundreds of obscure shippings for her! It's insane!
11/10/2008 c1 7arizony
Hm. I don't normally "ship" Zutara. Too many problems there. But, your story does more to explain the possibility than any other I have read. I especially like the explanation that Katara KNOWS that she has broken guys' hearts. At first I thought that you showed Aang a bit OOC, though on second read, I think that you caught it right. You see, Aang would always love Katara, and would be devastated by her rejection.

Something that I think that you got kinda right, but not fully right...

"Aang forgets why he loves her later. All he knows is that he does. He doesn't know what will happen, all he knows is that will be together one day. He keeps hoping though he doesn't believe this himself."

I don't think that Aang could ever forget why he loves Katara. The ache in his heart will always be there, though. It always is. I think that you do have a good understanding of the human dynamics, though, with your first and final lines about Aang...

"It's true that the people we care most about are the ones we hurt most deeply. Aang knows this best...He loved her too much. And in the end, he was hurt the most."

Overall good story, a little angsty, though, in Aang's case.

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