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8/29/2011 c1 1TooGingerForAName
I'd say you did well enough for me to politely demand an update before I sic Cousin Vinny on you... :D
1/29/2011 c1 1Azrael Jinsei
Thank you so much for writing it, it is really good, please write more soon.
9/6/2009 c1 7Beautiful Jade
You did great. I love Zutara alot so just PM me when you want to continue with your story. I will be the first to review for every chapter or at least ill try to. But anyways just let me know when you wan to continue and expect a review from me!
2/13/2009 c1 12zutarababe
ah! toph's not gunna be there! WAAH! oh well... update soon! i wanna erad about zuko being on the beach shirtless in front of katara! xD ^^
12/1/2008 c1 71Anise Nalci
No Toph!

Stay and fix those idiots' problems!

Lol, Toph's awesome!
11/20/2008 c1 blowbe

I Loved The Idea OF It...And I LOVE Zuko .

If You Continue This Favour It In Zuko's Direction *WinkWinkNudgeNudge*

11/18/2008 c1 2Saucebender
You're off to a great start, though I'm going to miss Toph. I can't wait to read more of this story, so keep it up!
11/15/2008 c1 Ignore-Account
This is a very promising start. I cannot wait for the next chapter to see where you go with it =)
11/14/2008 c1 1imotel
you did well, i am really interested in how this will play out.

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