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6/18 c1 5ProfessorBowties
Question: Why is the rating M?
6/2 c20 lord of the east
This was fun!
6/2 c1 G Fawkes
The beauty of me being in my mid-fifties? I've read this before, but I don't remember ANY of it!
Got the recommendation from "Ghost of Privet Drive", and thought 'oh, yeah. Read that one'. But then I took a look, and it must have been a LONG time ago, 'cuz I don't remember crap about chapter one.
5/28 c19 wanderingwitchelaine
love the story :) always fun
5/28 c13 wanderingwitchelaine
another fun chapter, and yea icecream makes everything better :)
5/28 c6 wanderingwitchelaine
another good chapter, HP needs a lot of therapy but love the story
5/28 c4 wanderingwitchelaine
OPSEC brilliant :) look forward to more
5/28 c1 wanderingwitchelaine
working my way through your stories, looking forward to more :) nice start
5/25 c3 RDDash
Hermione taking advanced studies, Slytherin alumni are getting exterminated. What's next? Voldemort catches a cold and dies? Now I know this story is getting ridiculous.
5/22 c7 aussie
bruh, if ur talking abt farming land or the outback sure its kinda (not really) cheap but some places are expensive AF
5/8 c14 Mastersgtjames
surprised none of them have stolen or studied the philosophers stone yet.
4/24 c20 xfel
Quite the fun read! Thanks for writing!
4/24 c14 xfel
Wow, Dobby is just awesome.
4/7 c14 Amun565
Re-reading this and loved this chapter.
4/4 c20 SuperTulle
I dunno, I feel like a lot of plots got dropped without being resolved (Moody) and there must have been stuff happening behind the scenes to get everyone on the same page like that. Still a pretty funny story.

I don't know any polish, but I'm sure there wasn't a single word of it in this fic.
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