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for Dragon meets Death god

8/29/2009 c5 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
This sounds intresting.Can't wait till the next chapter!

6/19/2009 c5 2GreenAwesomeness
Cool, you updated. It's Yammy not Yami.
6/18/2009 c5 Pointless
Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez, Ulquiorra Cifer, and Yammy Rialgo. And yes Grimmjow is with an o.
6/18/2009 c5 Zeth
Girl. Please update. I mean it. PLEASE UPDATE!
6/9/2009 c4 Kurisuten-chan
This is pretty good! I can't wait for Ichigo and co to show them their place! XD
6/3/2009 c2 6PEJP Bengtzone
When I asked for where this takes place, I meant under the timeline.
5/27/2009 c1 PEJP Bengtzone
You never explained where this takes place, and you should try to check up the name of the Ghost Leader. Yes, he wasn't the only ghost in the trophy.

But, it would've been interesting if Ichigo had pressed his skull badge into Jake's chest, forcing his spirit out of the body.
5/23/2009 c4 MorikoNightdream
Heh, amusing so far, keep it up ^-^ Oh, and I so know what you mean about Uncle, that was the first thing I thought when I saw gramps ^-^
5/8/2009 c4 59foxfire222
i like this story. the chapters could be a bit longer though. please update soon
4/30/2009 c1 B.H
I like how this is going, I'm gona wait for the Rest XD
1/23/2009 c3 2GreenAwesomeness
I love the jackie chan thing u almost typed. made me actually laugh out loud. i seriously luv this story cause it's one of a kind.
1/10/2009 c3 3Renji's Girll
Interesting idea having three exchanges students from Japan in America. I wonder how they'll do. Better capitalization in this chapter.
1/10/2009 c3 1J'aime Manga
After you mentioned in a review reply to me that American Dragon was a cartoon I read up on it on Wikipedia. I'm looking forward to seeing how you blend the two groups as they rescue the ghost in the trophy.
1/5/2009 c1 GreenAwesomeness
Please, Please, Please, I beg of you, continue this story. This is such a good idea for a crossover, I love it.
11/25/2008 c2 VintageBeautyx
Ugh. I kept trying to hit review but went to the part where the favorites are. The review button used to be there, you know ;].

Anyways...In my opinion, I think this fits better in the 'American Dragon' fanfics. There might be some younger people in that category that wants to read short dialogued stories. I also so a lot of them instead of Bleach in it.

Other than that, you have a lot of spelling errors and grammar. Might want to go proofread it and fix them up before publishing.

I'm not being offensive or flaming it, whatever. I'm just being honest :]. Critiques are always needed.

- SerenityxAngel.
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