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1/21/2011 c13 5DeiDeiArtistic
OMJashin! You just have to write more! I want to see the rest of this fantastic story! You're not dead right, because that'd totally suck. :p If ever possible, write more chapters. ~DeiDeiArtistic
1/20/2011 c13 SunflowerIce
I still love your story and I think it´s not a boring chapter..

I also like the part with sakura and shikamaru,it´s good to know what they´re thinking..

so next will be ino on a mission with deidara and hidan^^

that´s gonna be interesting :D

btw: deidara should get a second chance to blow up sasuke..
1/19/2011 c13 Yuti-Chan
Happy New Year to you, too :D This chapter was awesome, not boring at all! Keep up your great work in 2011 ^^
1/8/2011 c12 55kazorashi
Wow! I had never read a DeiIno fic such as this. And I read almost all of them(:. This is, by far. The best ((or at least my most favorite)). I thought it was going to be one similar to another fic, but oh no! I was wrong. And I'm glad. Yayy! I hope Ino gets stronger. Her being an Akatsuki member is most facsinating (sp?)! This chapter's ending REALLY brings you in more, if at all, possible. Incredible Mistress Wiggle. Your plot has SHUT. ME. UP! I await the day with eagerness that you update(:. It'd be perfect to start this still New Year off! For me at least(x! I'm still in awe of this fic's turn of plot. And very detailed, I am impressed!

I had spent HOURS reading this fic from beginning to end. Not once taking a break. It's THAT good. The more I read, the more it brang me in. And not once had I felt like this fic was in vain. Whatever you are doing, please keep it up.

1/5/2011 c12 30Quasimagical
Woo! I'm sorry it's taken ME so long to read and review this, lol! No worries, it's not short at all.(:

Hahaha, I love how Kisame's starting to notice Deidara's getting attached to her. That's a nice touch. And also, I liked the medical stuff. It was interesting, and you pulled it off quite well!
1/3/2011 c12 4Gerren
gah i love this story ^_^

i'd love it if you updated soon.
12/23/2010 c12 Iwa-chan
Great chappie! Please update soon!

Iwa-chan ^_^
11/17/2010 c12 Mitzzi
Update soon~ Yeah Ino! Show Sakura :(
11/4/2010 c12 SunflowerIce
yay hidan is back very soon..

and I like the fact that katsumi is from the kaguyaclan, I love their technique..
11/3/2010 c12 39Mornings Light
Lame review but 2:26 am here and it's all cause of your story. Love it, please please continue!
10/31/2010 c12 Yuti-Chan
I love it, this chapter was wonderful :D Ino isn't weak at all, now she could show her medical skills. But I doubt that Hidan will be thankful ^^

Thanks for updating :D
10/1/2010 c11 Rio82
Interesting chapter :). I can't wait to see what's going to happen. :)
9/24/2010 c11 Iwa-chan
This story is really good, keep up the good work! Please update soon!

Iwa-chan ^_^
9/19/2010 c11 30Quasimagical
Yes! Ino's officially with Akatsuki now! XD And while all the Leaf Villagers are mourning, I am rejoicing!
9/18/2010 c11 Yuti-Chan
I loved this chapter :D
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