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11/28/2008 c4 BananaR
Please dont stop updeiting! Please I will review ech chapter! Pleasee!
11/28/2008 c4 5Laylaxx
Great chapter. I love the interaction between Ino and Deidara. I am totally going to recommend this story to everyone so that you can have lots and lots of reviewers and you can continue with this awesome story! :D Please update soon!
11/27/2008 c4 6Lightning Blade
Wow, again, I'm impressed with plenty of good descriptions that you have provided in your chapter.

Your story is the first DeiIno story that I have read, but I already like it so much. You have made Deidara and Ino so believable; it does not matter that they are actually not in love in the original manga/anime, but your story gives the insight that it's actually not impossible for them to have a personal relationship.

You're welcome for the reviews! I'm sure you'll receive more reviews soon, because maybe there are actually lots of people who like your story, but they don't have the time to post a review. I hope that you would not lose the drive to continue your story, because I can see that your story is getting interesting, and you seem to have more ideas in your mind to develop your story. It would be a pity if you stop writing.

God bless you too and keep it up! :D
11/25/2008 c3 5The Charismatic Disaster
yes! just what i wanted...me likey again
11/24/2008 c3 5Laylaxx
Great story so far. I really like the way its written. Well i cant wait for the next chapter so please update soon! :D
11/23/2008 c3 6Lightning Blade
I've rejoiced when I saw the new e-mail about your new chapter.^^ It's a good chapter. Deidara neither acts nor sounds like an OC.

Keep up the good work and update soon! :D
11/19/2008 c2 brianna
love it
11/19/2008 c2 5The Charismatic Disaster
nice, yeah...keep going. u got me hooked already
11/18/2008 c2 6Lightning Blade
I'm impressed with your writing. I simply love your potrayal of Deidara. He is somewhat similar to the original one in the anime/manga; he's cocky, arrogant, curious and charming. XD

I can see that you put a lot of effort in giving descriptions about the physical appearance and feelings of the characters. It's not often that writers have the patience to write a long chapter. Yours is a good one! :)

I didn't notice there is a swear word(because I was too engrosed in your story). XD But anyway, I think it's okay if there is a swear word or two. Actually, I also prefer not to use them in my story too. You also don't use profanities in your story? (I was quite surprised, because usually there are lots of writers who don't mind of putting swear words in their fictions.)

You're welcome about the review! Don't worry; I'm sure that you will get more reviews soon.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter. Good job, by the way! Keep it up!^^
11/18/2008 c1 BananaRepublic
Love it!

Please faster next chapter! :D
11/18/2008 c1 7jin.toshikazu
did i ever have the chance to tell you that i really, really like deiino? ^_^

so far this fic looks promising. there wasn't a lot of action yet, but i guess that'll come later. grammar and writing style is fairly good; i'm sure i'm going to enjoy this fic. ^_^

the only thing i hated here was the sakura-praising part (sorry if you like sakura... but i just can't stand her and her shipuuden marysue-ness) but i guess i can deal.

ja, mata ne!
11/18/2008 c1 6Lightning Blade
It is interesting so far. I like how you are able to explain thoroughly about the rivalry between Ino and Sakura. You have given good descriptions about the characters in your story too.

But just wondering, there are some punctuations missing, especially for some of the dialogues. Maybe you were in a hurry when you were typing out your chapter?

I hope that you update soon!^^
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