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for Naruto's True Nindo

12/6 c12 1riafrustrated101
i think the mystery character is naruto from the future and he's traveled back in time to help his younger counterpart out and Kuruma came along for the ride.
11/6 c18 Samswordsman123
Aww! I wanted to see Hinata win for once!
11/6 c11 Samswordsman123
Interesting story so far. The change of Haku being a girl full time is weird but whatever you do you.
11/6 c34 16Samswordsman123
Well I've enjoyed this story so far. I'll have to finish it tomorrow. Its made me laugh a lot in the past couple chapters and I like how Sakura has some development and doesn't remain stuck as just a stupid fangirl. I prefer her with Naruto but this makes a pretty good one with Lee. Till tomorrow.
10/6 c17 adelmodel561
A história é interessante e tudo, mas tem problemas que me irritam um pouco. Por exemplo, no começo simplesmente pareceu que Naruto foi colocado no time 7 por capricho, só para que eles fossem pra Wave. Sem sentido! Por que não simplesmente fazer o time com Naruto, Hianta e Shino desde o começo?
Além disso, a ideia do time de Naruto ir ajudar o de Sasuke no exame é estranha. Eles estão em um exame, em primeiro lugar. Pode fazer sentido considerando a personalidade do personagem, mas tá seguindo o Canon do mesmo jeito!
Naruto no time 7.
Naruto foi pra Wave.
Naruto lutou com Orochimaru.

É chato!
8/21 c8 Mac-The-Editor
I know this is a decade late, but Haku and Zabuza only died to cement Naruto's Nindo, and also act as the impetus for his Talk no Jutsu.
6/24 c1 Shepard
oh boy, another childish idiot dreaming to be a hokage fic... besides that, seems "insteresting".. quotes due, that man could be Kakashi, Itachi or someone knwed on the leaf with chakra on his throat to change voice (maybe) , plus hope this not include that childish idiot behavior as Cannon for the sake of God.
6/10 c2 Guest
I think the unknown dude is yondaime hokage
5/14 c22 juubimadara
we haven't seen Mr "I am a Uchiha I need every jutsu" in a while
5/13 c3 juubimadara349
NOOOO what Hinata got the caged bird seal?
5/8 c2 Guest
Style word - repeated so many times.
Hokage is stunned" why? Naruto ask - what is really meant to be Hokage?
Again naruto is stunned this guy know so much about him.
Why are you helping me you don't even know me naruto ask?
This writer Not following a pattern properly.

He don't know any taijutsu but after reading he knows so many and able to do better & anko is impressed...? Does it make sense? I think no...
5/4 c6 Joshbbeer
You’ve just ruined this fix for me by going cannon was a great read but gonna give up
5/1 c35 Fuck u bitch
Fuck u
4/30 c6 1000000000pepole
fuck you bitch I had tears in my eyes when Naruto Hinata and Shino were on not same teems
4/30 c4 that is A secret
that is A secret
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