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for Naruto's True Nindo

9/24 c29 rageouss
fuck off, one highschool drama after the other, im donezo
9/24 c28 rageouss
yes ofc tell everyone about the sword, what a complete retard
9/24 c13 rageouss
it's a fanfic.. why make him almost as stupid? that masked guy told him to talk to his tenant? what does he do? FUCKING NOTHING, doesn't ask anyone how, ignores it completely. Has an overpowered sword, what does he do? NOTHING, not a fucking thing. The hell is the point of all this? Just for the miracle teacher to pop up and teach him everything?
9/24 c2 rageouss
sorry but this taijutsu business is the smelliest shit ever
9/6 c1 federermod
Love this, but I have to wonder how much Naruto really heard the Sandaime... the paperwork alone!
8/7 c16 SatanSathiz
Sorry to criticize the story but to be honest my blood boils while reading through and I seem to skip a lot. I came to read aome fics for old memory's sake but it's not a story for me it seems so I'm stopping in ch16. I can't willingly continue.
8/3 c49 Venus914
"She never thought that Hiashi would do something so cruel?" Is she dreaming or is she stupid? She might be a kunoichi but she still is 12 or 13 year old girl. No society will banish a 12/13 year old girl to live or survive alone. Is she delusional? Is shea moron or an idiot?
8/3 c33 Venus914
Hinata calls Tsunade "Tsunade"?
8/3 c32 Venus914
Naruto should have asserted his control AFTER Kabuto was killed. He is so annoying.
8/3 c30 Venus914
Sometimes i hate Naruto
8/3 c29 Venus914
I personally think that Kurenai is the weakest of all the Konoha jounin. I wonder why she is a jounin while Anko is only a Tokubetsu Jounin. For me, she is Jounin only in name. The Konoha 11 while they are Genin were stronger than her.
7/25 c32 1k.deathnote.5
Have you not seen Samuri Jack on CARTOON NETWORK at all?
7/7 c29 Sss
I don't like this kind of thing dropped
6/19 c1 blacklightning18
the mysterious man was future adult naruto, naruto inherit kushina short temper
6/13 c3 Alex
I wish I could make an account so I could have a response to my question. But WHY THE FUCK IS IT NECESSARY TO GIVE HINATA THE CAGED BIRD SEAL IF SHE ACTIVELY BECOMES FRIENDS WITH NARUTO? her father was actively postponing that fer her and her sister. Once she became a leaf shinobi they couldn't put the seal on her anymore as she was under the protection of the hokage. Thus allowing hinabi to be the heiress and not give hinata the seal.
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