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for Land Hidden in the Americas

10/3/2012 c6 Arashi - IV of VI
Heylo! Are you still writing this? o.o
I like it. :D
4/2/2010 c5 2WolfWings-MoonNight
Keep on writing I specially like your character Sarah or Mitsune Please keep on writing it sounds so exiting especially cuz they have to keep up the lie and not let it slip, well I will be waiting for you to continue hopefully. Ja Ne
11/19/2009 c5 5Shoukyoku
I can't believe I haven't reviewed for the rest of the chapters!

You're doing a magnificent job here. Im glad you're updating. =]

3/9/2009 c3 random fan
Hey this is a realy good book! Keep it up! I love how you introduced your OCs as people from the real world we all know and love. :)
11/19/2008 c1 Shoukyoku
Hey, this is a great beginning to the story! Please continue on! =D

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