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4/17/2014 c8 Michelle001997
I love the story so much Please write more
12/29/2013 c12 Guest
I read this story a few years ago and I comeback every now and then to see if it's been updated. I hope you update soon, it really is an amazing story.
8/1/2013 c12 Guest
Update please!
7/25/2012 c12 Glaze Hannah
Where is the next chapter?Please upload it...
7/9/2012 c12 Destiny
4/24/2012 c12 39Phoenix-LOL
Love this story! What's gonna happen? Update soon Plz!
1/14/2012 c12 27lupsss1412

I like this chapter and the story I love DxS and I think you should keep writting it I really love it...but if you don't want to I understand well...thanks for reading this
11/25/2011 c12 4Dplover13
why didn't u update this? It's an amazing story!plz continue!
5/31/2011 c12 4Fiery Horse Fanatic
2/19/2011 c12 Dragonrule
You said you were going to update after seven reviews so come on keep going with this story.
11/29/2010 c12 15rin916
Its been a long while and it is a same u never finsihed this story
6/25/2010 c12 19Tay1019411
Please please update. i need to know what happens next!
5/30/2010 c12 8CommanderApple
I am going to KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T CONTINUE THIS! you better! TT^TT

CONTINUE! *soon*
4/19/2010 c6 serin2
Ok Ok... what time period are you trying to aim at?

Egypt ruled by the pharaoh. fell nearly 20 years ago. no guns, universities, england or half of the stuff you've stuck in there without realizing you shouldn't have.

Modern(ish) Egypt, no pharaoh. 'colonies' and 'More arrows and bullets' implies 1400's to 1700's A.D. (Even though most of the english refer to us as the colonies to this day)and an alliance between an army that is used to guns (England is around by this point), and one that is used to arrows. (South africa is very under developed due to complications with trade.) still no alarm clocks!

PICK A TIME PERIOD! (or make this an AU earth at least)

ja ne,
4/19/2010 c5 serin2
"He laughed and welcomed in an African American boy that Sam had seen with him before"

America will be founded in about 1600 to 1800 years from the fall of Egypt, once again I don't feel like looking up the exact year.

and besides, they are africain. north africa has primarily white and south africa has primarily black. There's even a section of land between the two that has a lot of race based wars due to the clash.

"something to do with the English."

England was not an organized country until a century or two after the fall of the Roman empire, the Roman empire outlasted Egypt by centuries. At least try to pick a country that actually exists in that time period.

ja ne,
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