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11/13/2012 c11 olliebella
great x
1/10/2009 c1 9smokinhottie
Great so far but what about Stella? Lindsay belongs to Danny and Stella belongs to Mac!
12/3/2008 c11 4CSIMiamiLuver2012
really good!

but if u dont mind me saying so, it was a little choppy...i mean that when H asked Calleigh out, it was kinda abrupt, and i kno that wuz in the last chapter, but i just read them both now so...

but other than that, Really Good!
12/2/2008 c11 10LA Calleigh
Sweet ending! Wonderful work!

12/2/2008 c11 2SaradocCraver101
Great job. ^_^
12/1/2008 c10 Elislin
geez...those mala noche guys are crazy!

aw i love horatio/calleigh :) its good that they are safe now.

and i cant wait for more.
12/1/2008 c10 10LA Calleigh
Aw...I knew he'd save her! Great work!

12/1/2008 c10 2SaradocCraver101
Great job. ^_^
12/1/2008 c9 Elislin
oh bad mala noches! they must find them soon...before its too late.
11/30/2008 c9 SaradocCraver101
Great job.
11/30/2008 c9 4CSIMiamiLuver2012
Really good!

you were talking about Lindsay from NY right?
11/29/2008 c2 17Jag Lady
This is really good so far. Just a thought: You might want to break up these three paragraphs to make the story flow more easily. Otherwise, this is really good.
11/29/2008 c8 2SaradocCraver101
Great job. ^_^
11/29/2008 c7 8CharWolfe
love it. keep going. cant wait for the nxt chapter!
11/28/2008 c7 4CSIMiamiLuver2012

really good...but a little confusing, did Stella get kidnapped or not?
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