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5/23/2011 c39 11archsage328
with anime references abound, and hilarity at every corner, this entire fic ROCKS! keep up the awesome work!
4/22/2011 c37 1Not In Use Anymore 35
Have Naruto beat Bass by using the Reaper Death Seal, to summon the Shinigami to seal Bass away into it's stomach.
4/22/2011 c13 Not In Use Anymore 35
Good luck with the splinters from those toothpicks GammaTron. So who will Naruto be paired with?
4/21/2011 c37 8psychored1911
whatever just happened this chapter, it was awesome
2/17/2011 c36 an unnamed idiot
look... if you have writer's block on this story, why not just cross this story over from one of your older stories to keep it going
2/16/2011 c36 Guest
don't stop now, keep going
1/5/2011 c26 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Okk...I've read 1-26 in a day...so...The Raven?Seriously?I read that at scool 2 years ago...just,werid...
12/19/2010 c36 someone who didn't watch Tron
I'd like to see the Zone where the other Megaman came from
11/7/2010 c36 LilyMoonstone
Reborn as Arceus' disiple. That explains how he keep making stuff appear out of midair. Hey Reborn, if u kill the Gammatron, who's going to write the story?
11/7/2010 c36 10Maxforce
Blademan: Dun dun dun!

I told you, stop doing that.

Beamer: This isn't even one of those moments, you moron.

Blademan:*goes to sulk*

Anyways, good chapter. Second I read the title, I could see where it was going. Also...

Blademan:*runs in and rereads* 370 versions?*faints*

Wow...I think that actually broke his brain...
11/7/2010 c36 SoulNinjas
i laughed when i saw there some ben 10 characters in there.
11/6/2010 c35 LilyMoonstone
Reborn's probably mad the turkey manage to escape, even when he help out. Where's Tsuna's family?
11/5/2010 c35 SoulNinjas
it bugs bunny all over again the road runner scene to match too. werid but awesome.
10/29/2010 c20 10Fate T. Nekoi -Angel Orie
Gamma, need to be real quick here: Gamma, In chapter 19 you say that Saito-Kun and Meiru-chan kids are named Volt and Jazz, then in this chap you start with Sasuke telling the bad pod people that the two new kids are called Lan and Maylu. So, what gives? '-' He's that dumb to not get names right while spying ppl?

I know that is really FREAKING late to post a review for this chap, but I'm trying to save my reviwe on the newest chapter for sometime I have actually TIME to write a lot. Your job (or pleasure) in writing this is great as always, too. ^^
10/29/2010 c34 17SaintInfernalNeos
I looooove this fic! Continue soon, my friend!
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