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10/28/2010 c34 LilyMoonstone
Saringan? I didn't know they were related...
10/16/2010 c33 LilyMoonstone
Where did Hibari get the money? Even he calls Gregar ero...
10/10/2010 c32 LilyMoonstone
The 2 cooks remind me of Jessy & James from Pokemon...
10/8/2010 c32 silently-regrets
yeah i agree with Reborn...
10/8/2010 c32 20NewMystery356
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and One Piece references. Nice.
10/8/2010 c32 145jboy44
grate chapter, but have you ever thought of adding yugioh to the crossover,
8/7/2010 c31 1Not In Use Anymore 35
No doubt that Tobi/Madara will appear no doubt he'll tell bass about the Kyuubi, and then work together for ultimate power.
8/6/2010 c29 Not In Use Anymore 35
So will you include Madara Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden and the Darkloids from Megaman Axess?
8/6/2010 c20 Not In Use Anymore 35
So what is Bass's new personality?
8/6/2010 c11 Not In Use Anymore 35
I wonder if the Darkloids are in the Megaman Starforce world also and are making Darkchips? Hey you could add the Darkloids for as apart of the plot for season 2!
8/6/2010 c8 Not In Use Anymore 35
Solo will definitely remind Naruto of Sasuke.
8/6/2010 c6 Not In Use Anymore 35
Keep it up I really like this story!
6/26/2010 c6 3741AuthorNCS
Ok... No ZX than. How about Megaman Legend/Rockman Dash? Or Reiji and Xiaomu from Namco X Capcom?
6/22/2010 c31 741AuthorNCS
You should add in Vent and Aile from ZX!
6/21/2010 c31 10Maxforce
...Well, rarely a dull moment when Jiraiya's around. Nicely done chapter.
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