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6/21/2010 c31 LilyMoonstone
On a writing spree? Great fight! That pervert deserves his punishment.:D Is Kekashi going 2 appear soon?
6/20/2010 c31 5Lander Blazer
Kick vs Punch. That is a very good battle! I wanted to be here to see it... Pretty good one. Are you gonna make another crossover? If not, that is good anyway.
6/20/2010 c29 3741AuthorNCS
Alright! This funny!
6/19/2010 c30 LilyMoonstone
There is a 'Crow' in d story, is it a typing error? I feel sorry for Pandora's loss, is her brother coming back as a cyber-elf? N Model A a.k.a. Axle is a male. Great chapters, n u upload d chapters so fast! Your great!
6/19/2010 c30 10Maxforce
Extremely gruesome.

Blademan:*head in pail, ralphing*

Didn't know you to be the nauseous kind.

Blademan:*brings head out of pail* I'm not. I ate something that didn't agree with my stomach. *cue vomiting once more*

Yeah, that's nice. Anyways, nice chapter.
6/17/2010 c30 2silver fire wolf
Me: the end was very grusome Roze: the bastard deserved it Me: that he did that he did
6/17/2010 c30 5Lander Blazer
Great man, great! Man... I never knew that Bass likes to eat humans... Great chapter. Keep Up.
6/15/2010 c29 Lander Blazer
Great man, GREAT! I liked how you make Geo froze when Sonia pecked him. How 400? They must be close to each other. Continue on this fic is great.
6/14/2010 c29 2silver fire wolf
Me: *pulls out Kye* if he even tries to attack me he'll find Kye's hottes flames down his troaght Kouu: it's not pretty Roze: you don't like to treat thoughs patents Kouu: DO YOU HOW HARD IT IS TO TREAT OVER 4TH DAGREE BURNS IN SIDE SOME ONE Roze: no Lguilmonx: Uggg Me: Kouu calm down Kouu: i will when the vampy slayer kill the ghost in my room Me: the one that's been scareing you lately Kouu: *nodes* Me: Sigh any was Gamma-kun nice ch
6/13/2010 c28 5Lander Blazer
I´ve lost the count on how many crossover characters you put on this fic, it´s great, trust me. Uptdate please this fic is awesome.
5/16/2010 c26 krourou2
Indeed, 'tis- *coughing, shakes off Old English accent*

Whoops! Okay, I admit, the second I saw the title "The Raven" I thought "Edgar Allen Poe! You sly little dog!"

I always did love that story, though it gives me a heartache like getting beaned in the head by a thrown wrench (or Edward Elric's foot). Still, this happens with all horrific things, even Silent Hill, and I've grown used to it. Even so, this story still has me shaken to the core, even after those years since I first read it in 6th grade Communication Arts... O_O

Holy Jeebuz crackers *trying to avert using His name* that still scares me shitless, and I can't help but to revert to Old English for quite a bit after reading such a story.

You, my friend, have captured the very essence of The Raven, and I am sure I will suffer nightmares from it for a good deal of time. I can only wonder how Damian Wolfe (the gardener) would react to the story... :)

It's got me a terrible case of the shivers, but still, I love that story. Also, I just sneezed; I think somebody's talking about me somewhere *sarcasm*.
5/16/2010 c25 krourou2
yes, I have a FF.net account, but can't be bothered to log in at the moment. Meanwhile, I sit here, thinking you should later add an evil fire golem-shaped genie called the Ifrit... And, of course, hope like hell Sega doesn't sue your ass. Yes, that's right, the Ifrit appeared as the boss of Evil Foundry and guardian of the Red World Ring (the World Ring of Rage) in "Sonic and the Secret Rings" (which has a hard-ass boss, especially if your arms are too weak to even let you do a pull-up). STFU.

By far, ever since my jackass cousin erased ALL the memory on my Wii, I've come to appreciate all of my games even more.

Oh, wait, she didn't erase "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess"! THANK YOU GOD!
5/10/2010 c28 LilyMoonstone
Is the mysterious 'fifth' figure Sakura? Shiro-kun is so cute! Did Reborn shoot him, by the way? Kind of hard to imagine all their new looks, are you going to draw them?
5/1/2010 c27 jitsuko1
ya i love gamma-sammas fic although it could use some bleach oh well siver-nee has god fics to
3/27/2010 c10 krourou2
... I was betting a million bucks on it. I've seen his history; it's just fucking sad. Every damn time, I bawl my eyes out; I kind of know what it's like, to a lesser extent.

Seriously, his dad was a hero, who wanted the village to see Naruto as a hero as well, but they shunned him due to the Kyuubi. WTF, Konoha?

Seeing the way his life is, being in Hell would probably be better than that for Naruto! I wouldn't blame him for trying to commit suicide... THREE MILLION TIMES!

Seriously, you know your life is shitty when the suicide attempt count gets that high.
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