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2/22/2011 c19 Guest
Hahaha these moments are so strangely funny
2/21/2011 c19 16TiannaMVA
Haha, you got my idea. :P
1/24/2010 c18 8IWatchTVStaticAndThinkIt'sFun
Lolz. You do realize Bella's been tured ino a vampire lke 10 times now, right? Lol. UPDATE!
1/23/2010 c17 1Eslisle Cullen
YAY! Bella's gone!
10/15/2009 c13 16TiannaMVA
"Its not everyday you seea suicidal vampire."

I wonder, if Carlisle really wanted to kill himself in the beginning... why didnt he light himself on fire? Really? That would kill (Im sure) everyone.
9/14/2009 c13 1Eslisle Cullen
Aw! More! Please! I love this story!

8/14/2009 c13 ilovemyemo
Hahahahaha. I was listening to Torniquet by Evanesence and it is screamed "I want to die" at one point. Idk, it sounded ironic... I rambled again... Oops. Good chapter! Update this and James's Mission Impossible purrty please with sugar on top? Oh, hey, just so you know I'm home! How was swimming? Love ya my peep! Haha. =)
8/11/2009 c13 SleepingBedHead
How to describe these oneshot's in three word? LOL. XD XOX
7/26/2009 c12 SleepingBedHead
Haha LOL These always make me laugh! PUDS XD XOX
7/22/2009 c12 6Lizzaphor
that was amazing.
6/30/2009 c6 4twilightROXmySOXoff
ok why does everyone say alas well any way its hilarious alas you shall keep writing it
6/30/2009 c4 twilightROXmySOXoff
ooh my god that i sso retarted its funny
6/29/2009 c11 16TiannaMVA
Aw! lol. I could lend you an idea for a oneshot. :P

Jacob and Nessie are sitting on a couch when out of nowhere Nessie says, "Im frikin', what, 8? Why in the world is my name NESSIE, for God's sakes? My name makes me sound like a newborn. God. Change my name, please."

Then God comes up and says, "Your name is now... JESUS!"

That was utterly random. XD
6/3/2009 c1 twilightlover1518
6/1/2009 c11 SleepingBedHead
LOL amazing new chapter! PUDS XD XOX
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