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4/7/2010 c4 4Kurt-Blaine-endgame
i like this
8/2/2009 c4 16Psychedelic-City
Amazing, beautiful, brilliant story. Really well thought out and beautifully written! I really hope there's more!
8/2/2009 c2 Psychedelic-City
I am LOVING this so far! Beautifully written, very deep, and funny at times too! That's the best combination!

"So he keeps his ponderings to himself, but is thoroughly relieved when Albus grows up and doesn’t seem to have caught on any evilness or tendency to not wash his hair properly from his namesake."

- I DIED reading this line!

GREAT JOB! Goes in my faves, for sure!
7/20/2009 c4 5Hogwarts-Dreams
I really like this

I liked the Ron/Ginny bit

That was so cute

Update soon
6/1/2009 c4 restinpace
This is really enjoyable to read. Each... fact, I guess you could call it reveals something intriguing about the character. Please write more ASAP. By the way, I'm a new reader. Just a quick question about the Hermione chapter: Did JKR say something about Hermione having trouble having kids? Because almost every story I read about that time period includes it.
5/10/2009 c4 FinnFiona
Excellent! I'm glad you're still taking the time to do this story every so often-though you know I love your other ones too (and don't worry, Padma is next on my docket-I'm terribly sorry its taking me so long).

Anyhow-I still love this first one. I'm also struck at how it must for her, to be a year (or more) younger than almost everyone important to her... But her first year must have been terrible-its a wonder the scars dont show through on her more often, though I suppose the chip on her shoulder is perhaps deceptively big...

And you know I adore that second one-I simply can't help it. I wonder if that might be something worth exploring further... even in passing, particularly the points you make at the end of that section.

That discussion of both Michael and Dean is very interesting... and I like the distinction you make between their later friendship, and the reasons for it-true to life, unforunately. Although I sort of hate that she and Dean couldn't be close, it makes sense... and though it may not be what I had assumed based on the books' depiction on her realtionship with Michael, based on your sort of fleshing out of that story, it really works, and it works here regardless-and I like the idea that she could still go to him. It's a really very sweet idea.

The fifth one is sort of hilarious in its own little way and completely adorable-such teenagers :) But she and Harry are very sweet the way you write them, but not too hurried or over-easy. Because goodness, it must have been terribly hard.

And I like that your Ginny isn't perect. That she's one to hold a grudge and at least entertain the selfish thought, even if she never uses the power she may hold over harry :) But with Percy... it's just honest, the way she (and you) go about it.

Her thoughts on motherhood... very perceptive, I think-though I doubt she has anything to worry about :)

Wonderfully done as usual!
5/9/2009 c4 41MBP
Somehow, you managed to choke me up and then officially make me cry with this wonderful, wonderful chapter. I'd forgotten how much I loved this story. I love your Ginny and the many different parts of her life you touched on here.

I especially loved the part where you described the way she and Harry came back together after the Battle ended. The way you developed their relationship from her infatuation to their eventual love and marriage was beautiful and logical and it just worked.

I think her forgiveness of Percy is what made me cry. You're right. It was never a choice, not for a Weasley. No matter what, family comes first.

It's funny how we have different interpretations of Ginny's exes. I always thought she'd stay close with Dean and not speak to Michael again. I have no objection to your interpretation, though. You write it in such a convincing way.

The end of this was great. Fathers and daughters, huh? It makes sense that it'd be Lily's departure that would ultimately break Harry. And of course, mothers and sons - I can see how Ginny would fixate so much on Al though of course Harry would understand him best. James is more like his namesake, but Al ... Al is Harry.

Can't wait for the next one!
5/7/2009 c4 ChocolateRosePetals
This is a very good story!
5/5/2009 c4 9melissaeverlasting
Oh, I loved this. :) Ginny's a more complex character than she seems on the surface, and you've really shown that very well. Keep up the great work, I've missed this story a lot!

5/4/2009 c4 3Jessluvsharry
This was nice. I liked the parts with Harry and Ginny and building up the relationship between them. Ginny is always one of my favorites. She is such a sweet, brilliant person. So, yes, I enjoyed it. Thanks!

5/2/2009 c4 178Ramzes
Hey, I'm glad you seen to revive your Life story. Sorry for not being able to review properly - I'm at my mother's home and we're in constant battle about who should use the computer for her work first. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I find Life as delicious as ever. I like the changes you made, about Ginny's feelings for both Michael and Dean and I really felt for her scared first year self. But my absolute fav was about Percy and how forgiving him was never a choice.

All in all, I'm glad. Keep up the story now!
5/2/2009 c4 Moonshadow89
Finally! I was soo hoping for you to continue this! Please,go on,I can't wait for more!
5/1/2009 c4 16HourglassGluedToTheTable

Aw! Omg I nearly cried at the part with Ron and Ginny. They were always the closest siblings, to me. They are so cute.

You are so good at this! Please,continue! Soon!

Great work

5/1/2009 c4 80Moonprincess92
I really liked these things about Ginny. They are very real, so shot, you did a good job. = D
5/1/2009 c4 2tvshows-junkie
Oh my where to start?

First I have to tell you that I play Ginny Weasey in a role-ply-game and therefor have considered her past a lot and I am disagreeing with you in some points.

BUT this was awesome anyway. I even had tears in my eys at some points. I love how you discribe your love for Harry and her weaknesses!

I cant wait for your next updates, because I was and still am a big fan of your "things".

You always make my day with an update!
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