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6/5/2017 c1 Dragonblxxd8399
You underpowered Ichigo WAY too much for me to actually pick up this story. When he Fought Kokoa made me stop reading there. No way in hell he would even move an inch if she kicked him like that. Nor would he ever Strain or have trouble against someone weaker than Moka, Who Ichigo is STILL Stronger than.
12/1/2016 c1 kailynn
I say its OK
7/23/2016 c3 Rufael
Still think Ichigo could have wiped the floor with Kokoa without transforming.
4/28/2016 c19 Guest
OK, this was probably written long time ago, but i just gotta say this out - the black energy with red/crimson edges is actually Ichigo's default bankai energy. Not that of Tsukune's inner hollow-vampire-thing hybrid. Dont mess shit up ok.
3/3/2016 c46 Guest
When are you going to make the next chapter, you can mail at
5/9/2015 c3 Fire Dragon emperor
Dude I love what your writing but I gotta tell u Ichigo is way stronger than Mona not even a battle and made kokoas power not her own she's weaker than Mona she would have lost with one kick but I understand u wanted toake it more Interesting so good job just make sure if u make another story like this make it accurate
9/30/2014 c46 Hazamaaaa
bon la yen a marre de sét foutue soumission qu'on tsukune est ichigo yen a mare pk c'est a ichigo de s'excuser pk c'est a tsukune de s'excuser il ne font maime pas exprès en plus de sa moka est faible merde elle est très faible comparez au espada est au vasto lord elle n'est rien elle ne tiendrai pas 5 seconde fasse a ulquiorra est si la mère de moka a besoin de ichigo est tsukune pour battre un vasto lord alors elle ne pourra rien faire contre un espada vasto lord est encore moins aizen enplus de sa le couple ichigo est inoue est tres stupide sa se base sur la jalousie d'inoue alors madame fais la pute pour pas que ichigo se casse c'est stupide a en crever si elle ne fair pas confiance a ichigo sa sert a rien est encore pire de sa elle n'accepte pas le hollow d'ichigo qui est une partie de l'âme de ichigo il est une partie du pourvoir de ichigo est elle le refuse est en a peur si elle ne peut pas acceptez se coter de ichigo aiber leur coupe ne peux pas restez parce que si elle lui demande de reniez sét partie de lui c'est lui demander de se reniez lui maime est plutôt que de restez dérriere lui est cirez "kurosaki-kun!" comme une cinglé sent rien faire elle est juste inutile apars les soin donc daprez mois enplus la soul society aprez la gueere si ichigo garde c'est pouvoir se feras éxécuter est trahir par la soul society du fait que c'est un vizard ya des chance drapez mois
9/22/2014 c10 Guest
Your fanfic is awesome but I'm starting to see that your turning tsukune into ichigo clone. He was good the way he was. I think he should of just stayed a vampire and just had ichigo train with him ( u know develop his own style of fighting) and what's with the constant power ups? I'm not trying to bash you or anything. The fight scenes with H. Ichigo? If the bleach gang is already at the school y aren't they help moka and company fight him?
5/6/2014 c11 Firedragon.ed
I don't approve your bleach and rosario to vampire power scalling. Moka blitzing Ichigo - is a fairy tale to me. Inner Moka doesn't have speed feets, let alone such to outspeed Ichigo in bankai. You reversed bullet and turtle's speeds. Vampires are captain class? Don't make me laugh. In manga Moka gained captain level speed only after awakening of Shinso blood. Only Shinso Moka would be able to keep up with bankai Ichigo. Following your logic Alucard Yamamoto. Yamamoto's bankai is The Sun core's temperature, 15 millions degrees by Celsius. Alucard's final form would turn to ash in seconds and even with his healing factor he wouldn't regenerate from ash. Some people appreciate that story for having 2 main heroes, but that is the only plus here.
3/1/2014 c1 1I Before A Except After K
Before you read this, realize that I'm being completely serious here. I've been mistaken for a troll by enough bleeding-hearts that I feel the need to leave this disclaimer at the beginning of my negative reviews assuring you that I mean what I'm saying here. I don't sugar-coat my review for the sake of people's feelings. Brutal honesty is all you'll get from me. If you can't handle that, then stop reading my review now. You have been warned.

Good god, trying to read this was like pouring salt in my eyes. I looked at this story under the assumption that if you had the tenacity to write a story this long, then you'd actually be a decent writer who cared enough to go back and fix his mistakes, but you sure as hell proved me wrong. This is a train wreck of bad grammar, incorrect tenses, and bad characterization. It's rare for something this bad to go on for this long without the writer either giving up, getting better, or admitting to writing a troll fic. I would have been more forgiving if your profile had indicated that English wasn't your first language, but since it doesn't say otherwise, I can only urge you to stop writing. Permanently.

Now I know what you're thinking, that I can't judge your entire story on merely the first chapter. Well, I had a peek at your most recent entry (for reference's sake, Chapter 46). Within the first couple of sentences, I can see that while you have improved somewhat, you still have yet to master a concept as simple as using the correct tense. This proves to me that the rest of your story isn't worth reading.
10/23/2013 c1 victor janus
you know i think ichigo saying that this is the weirdest day of his life is pushing it. just saying:)
8/29/2013 c17 Guest
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8/6/2013 c2 6pedrofaria339
Amazing fighting description
8/6/2013 c1 pedrofaria339
7/2/2013 c5 Dkuno
Nice ch so far but,i still reading it
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