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for A Wonderful Thanksgiving Filled With Miracles

11/24/2008 c1 41e-pony
Well, well, well... this certainly makes for a nice Thanksgiving surprise for Mark and one more thing for him to truly be thankful for.

A feel-good fic is always a pleasant addition to the holidays. Thanks, Jeannie, for responding to the challenge.

11/23/2008 c1 221L.M.Lewis
One very good thing about ff is that all things are possible, and (like the ffnet people say) we can unleash our imaginations. It's nice to have someone who cares as much for these characters as you clearly do. Thanks for responding to the holiday challenge and helping with the (unofficial) 500 story goal as well!
11/23/2008 c1 10302pilot
I think we all wish we knew more about Mark's mom. I bet she did have brilliant blue eyes! I love the idea of Mark maybe someday having a relationship with her. He probably missed her terribly, especially around the holidays. Thanks for a nice Thanksgiving story!
11/23/2008 c1 44Jaz22
I'm glad you were able to get the posting problems taken care of! This was a nice addition to the Thanksgiving challenge and a nice surprise for Mark.

Thanks for sharing!
11/23/2008 c1 165owlcroft
Well, I'd had a hint that there would be tears and they were perilously close to the dining table, but since it's clearly an Alternate Universe story, I'll let it go. ;-)

Glad all the posting problems seem to have been sorted out and thanks for responding to the Thanksgiving challenge!

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