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3/25/2011 c4 5Alexia cooper
Continue it's really good
1/2/2011 c4 spk
It doesn't matter to me which you do. I would just like to see more CM/HG crossovers. :)
9/1/2010 c4 CrazyK
This story is great! One of my favorites. I would LOVE to see it continued!
1/22/2010 c2 3Odins.Legacy
Interesting sequel so far - Morgan and Prentiss? That's one I never saw coming, but is also very interesting. Can't wait to get back to it!
8/23/2009 c4 1melpomene94
Great story!
6/30/2009 c4 10Auraya-of-the-White
I think you should continue and link the two, maybe they have a case in Seattle near Horizon or something, and she sees them again. I really love this crossover sequel and it would be awesome to read more.
6/9/2009 c4 irismoon
Irig .. continue this one! or any of them ... I swear I will update too :P
5/30/2009 c4 596Ghostwriter
I love it so far and hope you'll continue it. Catch ya on the flip side.
5/27/2009 c4 1RedJewel2662
I like this story! I think you should continue! I love the idea of Peter coming into the story!
5/27/2009 c4 danjen
Well, I think you should continue this story with your new idea. I love your stories, so I think this will work out great.
5/27/2009 c4 98aBeautifulLiar
Haha I think you should carry on with this storyy but can I steal the idea from you if I say write a new story?

I need ideas. xD

This was an amazing story by the way, as was 'Touch' :)

I have a problem with ending somestories as well :)

I don't really get bored of them, I just forget how to end them :)

Anyways good luck, I will read your next story!
5/18/2009 c3 aBeautifulLiar
Virgin Suicides is amazing :)

We watched it and read the book for Psyshology and English,

I think it's more about the boys and their obsession with the Lisbon sisters, rather than the actual sisters themselves. It's a mystery why they all decided to kill themselves, as we have no idea what was going on in their heads at the time.

But it's really good, sad.

AJ Cook put her head in the oven, I was dissapointed that she was Mary :P

Great story!

Can't wait for more.
4/26/2009 c3 JJ545
Hi, this is a really good story... I beg you to keep going xD. I'm on my knees! (Literally)! Anyways this was excellent.. Keep up the good work!
2/26/2009 c3 ifonlyalwaysforever
i like this story!

I hope you decide to continue you it!
12/27/2008 c3 downtownsasquatch
I recommend reading the book, it's better and it's different then the movie. It makes more sense. But I still loved the movie, and I understood it, but I did mainly watch it for AJ. But yeah I still recommend reading the book then maybe watching the movie again. Great chapter though, hope you can update soon.
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