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6/3/2009 c1 22azab
loved it
5/18/2009 c1 8Charlie Girl 79
wow, excellent thanks for the tender and needed words.
3/16/2009 c1 16JenBurch
OMG! I have just been spoiler destroyed and I dont even care! I just wanna climb in there and give Dean a big hug! Poor Dean, he must just be breaking inside!

How do you get so much pain across in so few words? Just incredible!
11/27/2008 c1 14H.T.Marie
Aww, so sweet. I actually think if they had gone there, they'd have never looked each other in the eyes again, but it's nice in ficland, yes? Sweet.
11/26/2008 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
omg! what an awesome fic hun!



i just utter love this scene!

thank you for this fic hun, we needed it!

11/25/2008 c1 72Angelustatt
Nice one, mate. Who wouldn't want to see those boys hug after that scene and I like the fact you used the prompt this way. Awesome idea! *HUGS*
11/24/2008 c1 174Mad Server
There should really be more hugs in this show.
11/24/2008 c1 2xFaithyx
Oh, so good. I agree it had to be written. Brought tears to my eyes. *sighs* 'Nuff said.
11/24/2008 c1 bia1007
THANK YOU forever for this! God, I needed it. Wonderful!
11/24/2008 c1 49Supernoodle
I share your pain! lol

That scene was just screaming to be tagged!

Lovely x
11/23/2008 c1 50J.A. Carlton
Aw sniff niff shmoop! Dang woman! *runs off sobbing* ...
11/23/2008 c1 77sweetysmart0505
Honestly, I could totally imagine that happening. Dean was so vulnerable there. Great drabble.
11/23/2008 c1 6lovinandrew
Very heartfelt my friend :)

That part brought the tear ducts out and your little drabble showed it and gave us what everyone wanted. Though i cant understand why people think Sam didnt show anything. He did as with his words and alot better than last time lol.

Love your drabbles my dear hehe

Debbie 0x0x
11/23/2008 c1 16amyblair
That was sweet, Nana.

Nice drabble.
11/23/2008 c1 143PADavis
Man did we need a hug or a hand or both - thanks for providing both of them.

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