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12/4/2013 c1 37TheIncredibleDancingBetty
This was recommended from the Stealthy Stories site and...woah, what a recommendation! Very awesome! I'm in the process of brainstorming a smut Leo fic and this is helping big time!

I never expected Renet, it's always Karai, it seems. But they do have a nice system down, after all no one has to know, right?

Again, very awesome!
4/9/2013 c1 82SleepingSeeker
Woo! Hahaha, Renet!? Loved it! Poor Leo, yeah, you know, I could totally see this, LOL
3/15/2013 c1 9Fandombatched
ok...that made NO sense at all
11/30/2012 c1 4KittyManson
Wow I thought it was Kari at first
11/5/2009 c1 GirlyGeek
VERY nice
12/6/2008 c1 15Robina
Darn you, if I didn't like your fic so much, I wouldn't be on this site.

But you know I love it. The repetition of the line "Only in discipline may one truly find freedom" builds the suspense nicely during the bondage, then filps into a perfect ironic statement to Raph later. You hold back on the female partner very well, drawing the reader into the scene in anticipation of learning her identity...and the reader is rewarded, just as Leo is. Lovely.

Okay, guess I can't complain about coming here too much. I did get an excuse to read this again. For the 60th or 70th time. ^_^
11/27/2008 c1 5TTRAnimus
I can't help but to really love this story. Your characterization of Leonardo and his mysterious mistress are perfect and I can imagine them actually doing this. The descriptions were not overpowering to the story, and that is very good. The best part, though, was at the end with Donny and the Red Bull can (It made me burst out laughing). Overall, this is a wonderful story and I congratulate you on a job well done!

~ TTRAnimus

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