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for The Poke Whisperer: Book 1: The Hidden Power

7/12 c1 1Kittens Kat
3/26/2017 c1 eri
podrias ponerle el bosque de misterio y promesas
12/23/2016 c1 Beautiful-Liar13
love it hope there is more soon
4/11/2014 c1 NamiHello
please do the next chapter! i love it so far!
4/7/2014 c1 1LunarStar98
I like where this is headed, please continue! :D
3/9/2014 c1 1Bashirisuku
please oh lease update, I really want to see what happens next!
4/11/2013 c1 Sanglante-Mlani
Where the next chapter !
2/8/2013 c1 1XxFluffyXAlienxX
Please please please PLEASE continue this story!
10/6/2012 c1 20kage kitsune 14
Cool. Update soon.
5/27/2012 c1 Pokefan21
Why did you stop? Sounds like a great plot so far.
3/18/2012 c1 3Time'sLonelyWanderer
Never did continue, did ya? It's been like four years, and even I don't take that long to update.

Well never the less it'a a well written...chapter so far, it has great potential, and the plot sounds wonderful.

But we'll never know what happens, will we?

That's cool though.

I can just use my imagination.


Please Don't take any offence to this review. It's about 1 in the morning and my coffee high has just left me so...

yeah I hope you update soon.
1/20/2012 c1 BlueMew24
I like this story. Please don't abandon it.
8/8/2011 c1 x-Peace Keeper-x
Why haven't you updated? o.o
7/21/2011 c1 Wolfworrier911
huh this is cool so far! that would be awesome to understand pokemon u could help them and people and stuff and ash is the perfect guy for it! :D interesting story so far could ya keep going please? :D
6/2/2011 c1 Kayla
This looks interesting. Please continue it.
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